White Dem Women Call Out Racism While Always Exempting Themselves

It must be nice to feel so morally and intellectually superior that you can accuse so many people you don’t know of something while exempting yourself of the same thing from a position of self-imposed superiority.

Let’s get this out of the way from the onset: this is AGAIN about sore-loser Hillary Clinton supporters’ continuing whine about Donald Trump.

Half of white women continue to vote Republican. What’s wrong with them?
For the past two years, the American left has been haunted by a number: 53. It is the percentage of white women who voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. In the sectors of the left where the figure and its implications have become a perennial theme, the number is treated both as disappointing and darkly unsurprising, a reflection of the conventional wisdom that white women would rather choose the racism espoused by the Republican party than join in the moral coalition represented by men of color and other women.
Moira Donegan, The Guardian

More times than not, the condescending may reluctantly admit they know very few of the people they publicly demonize. They’d never admit they’re speaking out of ignorance, thus their statements are totally irresponsible while borderline slanderous. No, it’s easier to point a finger of condemnation towards one group while conveniently ignoring the many factors that should be considered.

Women Can Be Racists, Too
After the 2016 election, many Americans expressed shock that large numbers of women voted for Donald Trump, a man known for vulgar sexism, anti-feminist positions, and admitted groping. Many experts had therefore predicted women would rally around Clinton in a display of gender solidarity, yet in 2016 she got only 54 percent of women’s vote. And among white women, Trump beat Clinton 53 to 43 percent.
Marjorie J. Spruill, University of South Carolina

Of course Professor Spruill, like most sanctimonious liberals, omit the offenses of liberal Hollywood pigs like Harvey “#MeToo” Weinstein, not to mention the racist past of the Democrat Party and relies on the ignorance she and many others are responsible for when it comes to trite matters like… teaching.

In her piece, the headline photo used was captioned, “Klu Klux Klan members march in Washington, D.C., 1928.”

Did she also point out that the Klan was the enforcement wing of the Democrat Party? Of course not because that would require explanations not convenient to the discussion. It would require honest introspection but as the liberal wing of today’s Democrat Party STILL lies about their racist, murderous past that “both parties switched positions”, which requires a total suspension of common sense, Spruill can safely join those who feel safe in pointing out accusations against President Trump while omitting the many documented sexual offenses committed by President Bill Clinton, who is still a warmly invited guest to any and all progressive events and ventures.

White Women: We Need To Talk About Race
“White women like me” is a phrase you hear often when you talk with Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner. In this book, she calls on white women to engage in difficult conversations with one another and to become change agents to dismantle racism in America. Keep Marching is a how-to guide for doing just that.

From the outset, Rowe-Finkbeiner explores the feminist movement’s legacy of prioritizing the experience of white, cisgender, middle-class women above all others. In the book and throughout her work, she uses her own identity and experience to engage other white women in a conversation about race and class that prioritizes the experiences of women of color, of low-income women, of trans and gender-nonbinary people.
Lelia Gowland, Forbes

Liberals love to define the rules on their terms without any negotiation. Especially when it comes to millennials, they introduce terms they were indoctrinated with as societal norms that must be observed.

While many liberal women, not only white women, say they have no issues with “women of color” and are hypersensitive to something they will never have to live with, it also doesn’t take much for them to say what they really feel within the comfort of like-minded and excuse the racism within their own ranks.

Had ANY Republican, Trump supporting woman publicly said what Hillary Clinton said, that white woman would have been crucified in the media, would have lost her job, would be forced to offer mea culpas that would never be acknowledged as enough, and the motivations for her apologies would always be questioned.

But if you’re a privileged white liberal woman, you always get that pass from the very people attacking others who they don’t know and could never understand.

Why are White Women So Terrified of Being Called Racist?
First of all, we are the most likely to be around people of color. And to the degree we think we already know all this, we have nothing more to learn, we’re woke—to the degree we think that, we’re going to put all our energy into making sure that YOU know that we’re woke, and YOU know that we’re not racist. So racism comes up and what do I do? Oh, well, “I tutored on the reservation, I’ve been to Costa Rica, I marched in the sixties, I was in Teach for America, I went to a really diverse high school.” We give this evidence that in our minds establishes that we can’t be racist, and it’s actually absurd evidence if we take the time to think about it, which we rarely do, right?
Sady Doyle, ELLE Magazine

Maybe that should’ve been titled, “Why are Liberal White Women So Terrified of Being Called Racist?” Aside of being able to reflexively list their black friends off on more than the fingers on one hand, there are also some very dark realities they won’t admit in front of others, let alone in Elle Magazine.

Liberal white women are more likely to make false allegations of a sexual nature against innocent men.

Seriously, we all know how our national media would react if a female member of a college Republican group was caught making a false rape accusation. She’d be pounced upon via social media vitriol, she’d “setting women back decades”, making it harder (from here on) for any woman wanting to come forward, yada yada.

And the nastiest dirty secret liberal women that would leave them running from the room flailing their arms: should they need an alibi or are in need of personal attention, the first person that comes to their minds to blame a rape on is a black man. For some strange reason, they seem to believe they’ll be believed and if an innocent black man’s freedom is imperiled or even taken away, that collateral damage is totally inconsequential in their narcissism of questionable import.

Being black in a world where white lies matter
Whether it’s a woman in Michigan falsely claiming that a group of black men kidnapped, beat and raped her; another woman claiming a black man kidnapped her 3-year-old and 14-month-old sons (whom she actually killed); the infamous Amanda Knox accusing a black man of the heinous murder she was initially convicted of; or even a man claiming that black men stabbed his wife to death (whom he actually killed). In each instance, the initial story was believable because of the troubling belief that a black man is capable of such a thing.

It’s because we’ve always been told this is what black men do.
Martenzie Johnson, The Undefeated

Sounds a tad bitter and deservedly so.

Have you noticed when liberal feel-your-pain women talk about Emmett Till, they NEVER mention how it was the false allegation of a white woman that contributed to his killing? No, it was that faceless systemic racism that was easier to blame instead of the word of a white woman whose word and perceptions were accepted without question.

Rape has historically been a crime in which the victim is scrutinized in intense detail. In cases of black-on-white rape, however, the victim was almost immediately believed and the assailant assumed guilty. The myth of the “black beast rapist” grew out of perceived threats from a free, politically empowered black population after the Civil War. Black-on-white rape, the embodiment of the black rapist myth, threatened the patriarchal privileges possessed by white men, privileges dependent upon perceived notions of white femininity. Specifically, the myth depended upon the idea that white women were symbols of racial purity and virtue, and should be protected chivalrously by white men. The myth also depended upon the idea that white women were sexually desirable.
Lisa Lindquist Dorr, University of Virginia

Interesting how black men became threatening to white women after “an empowered black population after the Civil War”. That war was a fight for or against slavery and the Union, led by Republicans, won. So, logically, the animosity against an empowered black population came from liberals.

Let’s be real; the physical attributes of white women who falsely accuse black men of rape are normally not in that “sexually desirable” column. These are frustrated, angry liberal white women and again, their kneejerk accused-of-choice is that worthless black man.

And again, if Republican women were making racist false accusations against black men, THAT would be the national headline and deservedly so. To date, can you name ONE instance where that’s happened? Oh, and what ever happened to all those women who came out of the woodwork to accuse Herman Cain of sexual assault during his 2012 presidential campaign? As usual, the damage was done and they all went away which, if you look at the aftermath of the Brett Kavanaugh drama, is a pattern they use because it works.

White Women, Come Get Your People. (But Who Are Your People?)
On Wednesday, I was on no fewer than three group texts between white women asking what they could do about white women.

It was the day after the midterm elections, and the exit poll numbers showed, once again, that more than half of white women voters voted Republican in key races in Florida and Texas, and that more than three-quarters of white women voters had voted against gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams in Georgia.
Emma Gray, Huffington Post

These narrow-minded liberals don’t realize they are making the same assumptions of ignorance with white women that they’ve always made with blacks.

We have the latest salvo “The Other Trent Lotts” by New York Times columnist Bob Herbert, in which we get an example of lazy, emotionalism in print that makes his editor masters happy and should keep him employed another day. It’s obviously supposed to give the readers the continued impression that “since we all look alike, we all think alike.”
Bob Parks, 12/24/02

Over the next few years, I modified that line to read, “Since we all look alike, we’re supposed to think and vote alike” which is apropos to this discussion. But as is the case with blacks, it’s also predicated by having to insulate oneself of the accusations made of others.

These are the same caring white liberal women who go batshit crazy at the possible peril of losing that “right to choose”. They’ll also be the last to admit (if they even know) that abortion was normalized via a false rape accusation but was originally aimed at black people and continues to be to this day.

Liberal Democrat white women who are now coming off as morally righteous are every bit as condescending, if not outright racist in their dealings with minorities. Very few would narrow their hiring to the qualified. Instead they embrace the mediocre and presenting them as the “voice” of people white women should be voting for; not because of their political accomplishments but because of a vagina; original or installed.

Screaming misogyny against one man while giving another a longing pass is the height of hypocrisy but is the sad norm for those looking down on others.

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