WaPo: ‘Right Wing’ is Violence Rising; Mutes Routine Left Wing Mayhem

It’s called bias-by-omission for a reason and the left is really good at it. For too many, if they didn’t see or hear about it on their favorite news source (New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, Democracy Now!, CNN, MSNBC, etc.), it didn’t happen, so it’s understandable common sense can be challenged.

Over the past decade, attackers motivated by right-wing political ideologies have committed dozens of shootings, bombings and other acts of violence, far more than any other category of domestic extremist, according to a Washington Post analysis of data on global terrorism. While the data show a decades-long drop-off in violence by left-wing groups, violence by white supremacists and other far-right attackers has been on the rise since Barack Obama’s presidency — and has surged since President Trump took office.
Washington Post, 11/25/18

A “a decades-long drop-off in violence by left-wing groups”… really?

Maybe this is where the left can play word games to further their intentional deception by using the operative word “groups”, implying organized violence as opposed to a lone Bernie supporter who tried to kill federal lawmakers and their staffs.

BTW — That insignificant incident was afforded two sentences in paragraph 22.

Among the most deadly left-wing attacks were the 2016 killings of eight police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge by gunmen sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter movement. One of the most prominent was last year’s attack on Republican members of a congressional baseball team, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (La.). The gunman, James Hodgkinson, had raged against Trump online and was a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

There were a few more “assassinations” of police officers and sheriffs all over the country following President Obama’s anti-law enforcement rhetoric after the deaths of young black men; too many of whom would be alive today had they been home at a decent hour and not out committing crime. Yes, that’s judgmental and also a reason why millions of black men over the age of 50 are still alive today.

While the Washington Post will have too many believing that political violence is all the rage on the right, even some liberal news outlets had to allow a more accurate depiction be printed.

You need not cross the shining seas to experience violence, destruction of property and a general dismantling of liberal values from the political left. You could simply visit America’s elite college campuses like Yale or Middlebury or Berkeley, where tomorrow’s leaders attempt to shut down conservative voices with protest or riots. At Middlebury, rioting students landed liberal professor Allison Stanger in a neck brace for the crime of defending a conservative academic’s right to speak. At Berkeley, mobs of students created a “war zone” ahead of a planned visit from conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, injuring Trump supporters and causing $100,000 in damages.

Or head to Portland, Ore., one of the most liberal cities in the nation in the heart of the progressive Pacific Northwest, which this month Politico labeled “America’s Most Politically Violent City.” The progressive paradise — where Republicans are virtually an extinct species — has witnessed millions in damages attributed to the same types of anti-fascists-in-name-only that kept Hamburg residents paralyzed in fear this month. A “counter-protest” to a planned pro-Trump rally landed 14 antifa in jail for attacking the police with explosives and bricks.

Witness the blood-soaked congressional baseball field in Alexandria, Va., site of the June attack on U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., and other Republicans batting up for their annual bipartisan game. James Hodgkinson, a “fervent supporter of progressive politics,” showed up to the field with a rifle, a handgun and a hit list of Republicans. As Scalise fought for his life, MSNBC host Joy Reid felt conflicted: The attempted assassination was a “delicate thing” because of Scalise’s conservative views like opposition to gay marriage. “Are we required in a moral sense to put that aside in the moment?” she wondered. Yes, Joy, you are. The shooting of a mainstream, congressional Republican leader is reprehensible, and in no way justifiable.
Chicago Tribune, 7/18/17

This is not to say there are no troublemakers on the right. There are, but way too many times they are the small in number and rather insignificant.

But it’s also helpful to accept a pattern.

These small and insignificant “right wing” groups (that many Republicans and conservatives have never heard of, until…) plan a protest. The left hears about it, mobilizes hundreds to counterprotest via social media, the alleged right wing group mobilizes hundreds in response and we have a Charlottesville where people are injured, killed… and it’s blamed on the right. Had the tree fallen with no liberal to hear it, think of all the dollars saved and lives spared.

When the left organizes a protest, business owners routinely board up their storefronts as routine preparation. A massive law enforcement presence is mobilized. You see people in blue safety vests with large white “ACLU” letters reminding those with ill intent whom to see once they get arrested. Large areas are reserved for the detention of agitators.

While the right protests for free speech, the left uses words that imply a pending outcome of violence. They defy common rules of decency with displays of vulgarity to inflame “both sides”.


For too many in the national news media, riots in primarily black neighborhoods make for great television and at least one old fart media pundit erroneously labeled the well-known, mostly white #Antifa an “African American organization” and has yet to issue a mea culpa, let alone an on-air correction.

Probably because their masks and clothing are black. It couldn’t be anything else, right?

The left is triggered into conniptions when anyone dares compare the violence on the right and left. President Trump was vilified for a few news cycles after the death of a Charlottesville protester when he condemned “both sides” while anyone with an Internet connection can find far more examples of massive protests in metropolitan areas, the intentional disruption of uninvolved commuters, and the millions of taxpayer dollars it always takes during and after left wing demonstration that almost always take that violent “mostly peaceful” turn.

It’s past the point when the media tells us to look one way, it’s best to look the other.

And let’s not forget how the left and their media poo-poo the numerous hate hoaxes meant to fraudulently blame the right for continuing liberal dementia.

But it’s also best to remember what liberal leadership thinks of their own and we see why the Washington Post’s bullshit has a stink that will stick long before it’s stepped in.

Activists Whitewash Racist Democrat Slave History with Assistance

I’m not sure if these progressive activists know how uneducated they look and sound?

We demand that you stop honoring both those who fought to preserve the institution of Black bondage as well as those who profited from it. Instead, we demand that homage is paid to those who died in the quest to free themselves from from the hands of those sought to keep them as laborers never as citizens and as property not as people.

Not like it matters.

Of course, the one small detail these activists ALWAYS leave out is “those who fought to preserve the institution of Black bondage” were Democrats and “those who died in the quest to free themselves from from the hands of those sought to keep them as laborers” were Republicans.

See: The Democrat Race Lie

But in a coordinated attempt to call all who oppose them as racists, the so-called educated are now lecturing the rest of the nation and demanding we eradicate the names of prominent Democrats who fought until the 1960s to keep blacks in their place.

The whitewashing of their racist legacy continues to this day.

7/23/18: Residents of Valdosta want Forrest Street changed to Obama
7/18/18: Peter Faneuil Hall Name Change? Some Want It Because Of Slavery Ties
7/18/18: FSU is removing a statue of its slave-owning founder Francis Eppes
7/17/18: Charlottesville parks, once named for Confederate generals, to change names again
7/11/18: After $20K donation, 3 Petersburg schools change Confederate names
7/2/18: IDEA John T. Allan school sheds name after learning of Confederate origin
6/28/18: Should area school named after ‘Little House’ author Laura Ingalls Wilder get a new name?
6/23/18: Alexandria strips Confederate president Jefferson Davis’s name from highway
5/30/18: Petition Circulated To Change John L. Hadley Park To Malcolm X Park
5/26/18: Student cites slave owner legacy in effort to change the name of James Madison High School
5/22/18: Slave ownership stops John Walden Meyers Secondary name change
5/21/18: Students and Community leaders speak in support of changing the name of Robert E. Lee High
5/21/18: Feds change the name of Confederate Corners on Highway 68 to Springtown
5/17/18: Movement would rename St. Paul school named for slave-owning president James Monroe
5/4/18: This DC school was named for Benjamin Grayson Orr, a mayor and slave owner. Not anymore.
4/26/18: Boston Changes ‘Yawkey Way’ To ‘Jersey Street’ After Concerns Over Racist Legacy
2/28/18: Brookline Will Change Name Of School Named For Edward Devotion, Slave Owner
2/2/18: Georgia Senate votes unanimously to rename Runaway Negro Creek
1/24/18: School Board renames Jefferson Davis MS after slave, Revolutionary War hero from Hampton
1/19/18: Minnesota lake named for pro-slavery Calhoun gets new name
1/19/18: Virginia School Named for Confederate General Changed to Barack Obama Elementary
11/27/17: Berkeley school will no longer be named for slave owner Joseph Le Conte, board decides
11/21/17: Confederate Motors officially announces name change
11/13/17: AISD moves to rename remaining schools with Confederate ties by August
8/31/17: New Paltz’s founding families were slaveholders; should names be stricken from college buildings?
8/27/17: Stockton University removes bust of slave owner Richard Stockton
8/18/17: Temple student wants Philly to rename Roger B. Taney Street after Mo’ne Davis
8/14/17: Jacksonville City Council president calls for Confederate memorials to be moved off public property
8/4/17: Change the name of Sienna Plantation
5/18/17: Slave-owning, KKK-supporting namesake of Wade Hampton High sparks name-change controversy
4/26/17: New Orleans begins controversial removal of Confederate monuments
4/11/17: Echoes of slave-owning past bring change to Rice’s college masters
2/11/17: Yale changes name of building honoring slave owner John C. Calhoun
2/10/17: Rutgers proposes renaming parts of campus after former slaves
10/13/16: Residents strongly urge city to rename Third Ward Lt. Richard Dowling St. Emancipation Avenue
10/12/16: City Council minority group urges NYCHA to remove names of slave-owner from public housing
9/28/16: Wade Hampton no more: Alaska census area honoring Confederate officer is renamed
9/8/16: San Francisco school board president calls for the renaming of schools tied to slavery
2/25/16: Harvard abolishes ‘master’ in titles in slavery row
1/10/16: Local historian likely to withdraw Gen. William Saffold street name change request
11/23/15: Princeton students demand removal of Woodrow Wilson’s name from buildings
7/14/15: Group calls for removal of Confederate monument in Portsmouth
7/9/15: UC Berkeley students call for renaming of campus buildings tied to Confederacy
7/8/15: DC Residents Say Washington Needs To Change Name To ‘Black City’
4/17/09: Brown Should Consider Christopher Columbus Name Change Due to Slave Ties, Critics Say
11/13/97: School Changes Name From George Washington Because He Owned Slaves

This is by no means a complete list but you’ll note on EVERY media “name change” report, the word “Democrat” appears virtually nowhere and we all know if just one of these slave owners were a Republican, his name would be in the headline of every story in all caps and Republicans today would be hunted down to publicly denounce their party’s inhuman legacy of deadly oppression.

We won’t get into the taught-sheer ignorance of those doing the protesting and the desperation of others still insisting the Republicans are now the racists and Democrats are the enlightened. If that’s the case, why the continuation of historical revisionism to the liberal simples and omission of the party affiliation of Confederates that would require a public explanation?

Again a sad indictment on the Republican Party whose founders opposed slavery while their modern day descendants appear too sheepish to remind progressive exploiters of their obvious murderous, racist place in American history.

Boneheads Of The Day

Academia owns the Bonehead category today.

Students at the University of California’s flagship Berkeley campus took to the streets on Friday night, vandalizing university buildings, burning trash cans and clashing with police in the latest expression of frustration over cuts to the educational budget in California.

Now, I’m not an intellectual but I have a question.

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Video Of The Day

Police and witnesses say the melee was a culmination of a simmering rivalry between two groups of Chicago high school students, one that lived near Fenger High School and the other from the Altgeld Gardens housing projects. Neighbors said the feud has been building since August.

Clearly, a nigga moment.

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Quote Of The Day

Imagine this: those academic giants at the University of California Berkeley actually believe that when we disagree with their policy papers, it’s not because they started from a traditionally liberal perspective, but we all were just to stupid to see the wisdom in their thought process.

Findings that support our political beliefs are seen as objective facts about the world. But study outcomes that conflict with our views are more likely to be seen as expressions of an ideological bias by the researcher.
Robert MacCoun, UC Berkeley professor of public policy, law and psychology

The nerve….

Yes, Berkeley is objective and we are all wrong to believe that their ideas are liberal and flawed.

Wow. We’ve been wrong all along.