Haters Of Color

During his most famous speech, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” I wonder what Dr. King would be saying today?

I’ve just read one of the most truly disturbing, ugly commentaries ever. Again, black people are the only demographic group in America not allowed a diversity of thought. One does so at one’s own peril.

Most Blacks see both Obama’s election, and leadership, not only as a tremendous source of pride, but an extraordinary example of excellence and achievement that all African-Americans, especially young people, should follow.

But not every Black leader is as fond or as proud of the new president as the NAACP and the American people are.

In fact, there are a number Black “leaders,” who span the spectrum of religion, politics and gender, who expressed during the presidential campaign, and many who continue to expound today, assessments of President Obama that range from philosophical annoyance, to petty envy, and even, in at least one case, absolute hatred.

The campaign tactic of labeling any and all opposition to Barack Obama as “hate” has now come full circle.

The Democrat Party has, from it’s very origins, used black people. Before as physical property, and now as their political property. As they believe they own the black vote, they use that vote to their advantage, and have perfected their latest political strategy.

In 2006 Massachusetts elected Deval Patrick her first black governor. His campaign guru was none other than David Axerod. The Chicago pair came into The Bay State with a campaign labeled, “Together We Can”. Aside from working in the Clinton justice department, Patrick had no legislative experience, yet was overwhelmingly elected in a campaign where his Republican boots-on-the-ground opposition was extremely weak, and vocal opposition was called racist.

Patrick may wind up being known as Massachusetts’ first and last black governor, as his term thus far has been a sheer failure and embarrassment. But the upside is that Axelrod and the Democrats found a winning political strategy of using race to not only tug at the heartstrings of white liberal elites, but codify black solidarity. All praise of that candidate was expected, lest one be called a racist, and we all know what that can do to a career.

So in comes another candidate, guided by the same David Axelrod, who found an up-and-coming young, charismatic black man to use that strategy again. Race temporarily fractured the Democrat Party, as any opposition to Barack Obama was pushed back by his supporters and called “hate”. Even though then-Senator Obama was probably the most inexperienced presidential candidate ever, oppose him and you paid.

Now, blacks who oppose Obama are in the cross-hairs because, heaven forbid, should his support in the black community drop, Democrats will be in real trouble. Video of blacks protesting Obama can never be allowed, so the messengers must go down.

Normally these “leaders” – many, but not all of whom, serve as mouthpieces for right-wing organizations or interests that mightily tried to cripple Obama’s presidential candidacy – are ignored, if not dismissed, not only by the African-American community, but the public at-large.

Normally, liberal black “’leaders’ – many, but not all of whom, serve as mouthpieces for left-wing organizations or interests”… let me take that back. How many black “leaders” are mouthpieces for left-wing organizations? There aren’t many. They’re mostly white, but that’s alright.

”Obama is a radical communist, and I think it is becoming clear,” Alan Keyes, who lost to Obama in a contentious 2004 U.S. Senate race in Illinois, told Nebraska TV station KHAS-TV two weeks ago. “I’m not sure he’s even president of the United States.” Keyes, who refuses to address Obama as “president” continued, “and neither are many of our military people…who are now going to court to ask the question, ‘Do we have to obey a man who is not qualified under the constitution?”

When Irving Joyner, associate professor of law at North Carolina Central University’s School of Law in Durham, saw Keyes’ KHAS-TV interview online, he couldn’t believe it.

“Alan Keyes is the worst example of radical right-wing politics even as he clothes himself in Black skin,” Prof. Joyner told The Carolinian. “It is certainly tragic that Keyes is able to obtain undeserved and unwarranted press attention by being a lead ”attack dog” for interests and sentiments which are in direct opposition to the best interests of the vast majority of African-Americans.”

Professor Joyner is precisely what’s wrong with politics in America, and is a clear example of how Democrats have suckered him and other blacks to believe since we all look alike, we’re all supposed to think and vote alike.

I always thought that we were supposed to be a free people. With that, why is it that every other ethnic group in this country can have internal discussions between Democrats and Republicans, but only in the black community can an allegience to a political party earn you death threats?

George Curry, veteran journalist and former editor of Emerge Magazine, was blunt. “People such as Alan Keyes and [conservative commentator] Larry Elders have zero credibility in our community. Therefore, I never think about what they think or if they think at all,” Curry said.

Stella Adams, newly elected First Vice Chair of the NC Democratic Party, agrees. “As an African-American who fully embraces the agenda that has been set by our President Barack Obama, I am perplexed and dismayed by the remarks of Alan Keyes and others who have made outlandish and very close to seditious statements against our President, she told The Carolinian.

I, too, am perplexed and dismayed at the political intolerance of blacks who have either forgotten, or never were taught, that Democrats once lynched blacks who dared vote Republican. In those days, Democrats reluctantly allowed blacks to vote, even though Republican civil rights legislation (later repealed by Dems), permitted them to do so. If they did vote, depending where they lived, they cast a Democrat vote, sometimes at the barrel of a gun.

But black Republicans and others who embrace “radical right-wing politics” even as we clothe ourselves in black skin must not be debated. We are to be shunned, and as thin-skinned as many are in this country, black conservatives continue on despite liberal hate and intolerance.

Many analysts say that what many of Obama’s critics have in common is that they are virtually divorced from the African-American community. They have no real base of Black support. Intellectuals like Shelby Steele and Walter Williams work at high profile universities and conservative think tanks, so their salaries are paid by whites, not Blacks.

That’s one of the reasons why when they attack Obama or anyone else in the black community, they are seen as doing so from outside of the community, and thus, get no respect from inside.

Well, seeing how the standard operating procedure is to call any black conservative a sell-out, and any organization hiring him or her racist, tell me why a black organization would want that grief?

If white liberals are going to look down on blacks with pity and vote for us, not on the content of our character (or experience), but by the color of our skin, fine. We expect that.

But I’ve always said that until there is a diversity of politics in the black community, they can elect a thousand Barack Obamas and nothing will change. When politicians know they don’t have to earn your vote, they get lazy. When they know your losing your job may cost them theirs, they get busy in a hurry.

Because of the entrenched nature of Democrat politics in the black community, they are safe and thus, the same ills blacks have complained about in the community still exist after decades of electing black Democrat city council persons, black Democrat state representatives, black Democrat state senators, black Democrat mayors, black Democrat police chiefs, black Democrat school superintendents and principals, black Democrat congresspersons, black Democrat senators, and now a black Democrat president.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool you for over fifty years, and they want to shame me?

No, they call us haters of color.

Maybe they should ask Barack Obama for a stimulus mirror.

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