Border Invasion Pics Speaks Out

I had the honor of meeting the owner of Border Invasion Pics after being tipped off that a Phoenix CBS affiliate had not only used some of his video of illegals entering Arizona, but also gave the impression they planted the video cameras along trails and branded the video with the KPHO logo.

A Vietnam veteran (who will remain anonymous as he’s received threats) surely must have better things to do with his time than planting cameras out in the Arizona sun, dodging illegal migrants and/or drug runners, and documenting the failure of the United States government to properly police our border.

I had to ask him, why create Border Invasion Pics?

BIP: When I began to have Border Patrol foot chases across my property I became more interested in the issue of illegal immigration. As I became more knowledgeable I realized that very few people around the country were aware of the massive numbers. I decided the best way to inform people was to show them. Having a lifetime of outdoor experience and skills, I began looking for alien trails to place cameras on.

I must admit to having been ignorant as to the issue that is illegal immigration, that is, until I moved to Los Angeles and the next 12 years taught me a whole lot more by experience.

What do you have to say to meddling Northerners that have said ugly things about Arizona and her people since the new law was introduced?

BIP: The first thing I say is that they obviously haven’t read the law. It does not give license to detain anyone solely on the basis of their skin color. It is incredulous to us in Arizona that so much misinformation is being published.

Secondly, we invite those who have no knowledge of the true extent of the problem to come and see for themselves. We are being overrun and meddlers either have no comprehension or they have a sinister agenda.

Let’s talk about the agendas at play…

The Los Angeles City Council knows about the true extent of the problem. The Democrat mayor of Tucson knows the extent of the problem, although it’s questionable if the president knows as his staff did more talking than reading. What’s going through the heads of politicians who know what the problem is and still smears Arizona?

I could theorize, but I really have no idea. It is far beyond my understanding that anyone elected to serve in the best interest of America would encourage this kind of invasion.

Without getting into specifics, anyone who’s been to BIP sees that’s it’s rich with video of illegals walking into our country unimpeded. You obtain this video with little by way of compensation and also at great physical risk. Why the obsession?

BIP: Soon after starting the effort I realized that it would be much more difficult than I anticipated. The busy trails are mainly in remote areas and they constantly move from one area to another.

The physical effort was as taxing as the financial effort. I had to commit to go all out or quit. I chose to go all out, and became determined to be successful. You are right, my stubborn nature took over and as I became very skilled and I also became obsessed.

As many people know by now, the media seems to think your work is of value as they seem to like to just air it without even asking. KPHO went as far as trying to deceive their audience into thinking the footage was theirs. Have politicians contacted you about your videos?

BIP: I have contact with a few politicians, but they generally seem to be reluctant to be associated with me. Perhaps they are afraid it might label them if anyone found out. It is ironic that my website stats show huge numbers of visits from Washington DC addresses from the White House and Congress on down.

Lastly, it appears that many cities and states have given Arizona leper status. Liberals never admit they’re wrong and as this should soon be the law of the state, Arizona probably won’t budge. Where do you see this whole issue going?

BIP: I feel that Arizona has forced this issue out into the open, to the extent that it can no longer be quietly ignored. With some 70% of all Americans agreeing with Arizona’s action, and with many other states preparing to follow suit, I think border security will have to be addressed in an effective way – before any kind of amnesty will be tolerated. I think we have reached a turning point and the open borders crowd knows it. That’s why the vicious, last ditch effort to undermine Arizona’s credibility.

BIP, thanks for your time and keep your head on the swivel out there.

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