Think Progress Issues Fake Racist Pics To NAACP

In yet another display of disrespect to black people, Think Progress has apparently provided fake pictures of Tea Party ‘racism’ to the NAACP.

In the PR Newswire story ‘CAIR Backs NAACP Resolution on Tea Party Racism’, a link is provided to the NAACP website story of their resolution against the Tea Party. That story contains many jpegs of Tea Party participants holding signs with racist verbiage. One problem: the pictures are fakes.

As a professional Photoshop artist of over ten years, I found these fakes not hard to spot.

Upon close inspection you can see the digital artifacts around the letters on the signs in question. Clearly the resolution of the signs don’t match the smoother, higher resolution of the jpeg’s background. The other pictures on the site are equally suspect.

Whomever created these manipulations was a sloppy amateur, and the fact that Think Progress would provide such manipulations to the NAACP shows their assumptions that these black people would be too stupid to notice the fakes.

A very progressive assumption.

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  1. n.n

    Fuzzlenutter, that would depend on the context. The context of this page does not lend itself well to a good time. There are people who actually care about others, and the NAACP’s unsubstantiated, generic condemnation, will be a source of discomfort for them. As long as they retain credibility, and slander people with terms of prejudice, then the people who will have a good time will be few and far between.

  2. The Machine

    Maybe it is time for a good lawyer to bring forth a lawsuit about this.

    I’m no lawyer, but my thoughts right now are, “is this slander or is this libel?”

    Or is it a combination of both, depending upon whether you sue the NAACP or Think Progress?


  3. gagblue

    Yet another unsurprising tactic of the left – tar your enemies as racist to mask your own racism. This is reminiscent of the racist graffiti, church bombings, cross burnings, along with many other vile tactics all done by the left, yet blamed on the right, with a complicit media happy to spread the propaganda.

  4. Fuzzlenutter

    Thanks n.n.

    But shouldn’t we be able to also connect here and have a good time?

  5. n.n

    “Think Progress” is a business. Even they have to earn their keep.

    The current action by “civil rights” and progressive businesses is the latest attempt to distract us from the issues.

    Besides, if “brooklynbridge” is representative of liberal/progressive thought, then the issue is “America Firsters.” It is not about race, gender, or even sexual orientation. They are, and have always been, about “redistributive change.” The people who seek power must oppose any majority, be they White or Christian, who oppose their agenda. They denigrate individual dignity, and some even criticize free will. The submission to dependence is only the beginning.

    First, they came for the Jews. Then, they came for the White and Christian majorities. Who’s next?

    History has been proven to be cyclical.

    History has also shown that supporters, while retaining transient privilege, will be rewarded as accomplices. Their status is transient because who in their right mind would trust someone who is willing to betray others.

    Ein Führer; ein Reich; ein Volk

    One Nation!

    If they don’t want to discuss the issues on merit, then their “progressive” ideology must be exposed to judgment. It is everyone’s right to decide which path is in their best interest, progressive totalitarianism or moderated liberty.

  6. Fuzzlenutter

    Thanks Richmedia,

    One of my favorite old bands was the Yardbirds, a band who had the three best guitarists (well, in my mind) at one point in their existence; Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and my ultimate favorite, Jimmy Page.

    When I mentioned “Train Kept A-Rollin’” I was actually thinking the one line “Just Couldn’t Let Her Go.”

    They will not let her go…

  7. Richmedia

    The forger didn’t even know to set opacity to 100% on the sign in the forefront. You can see hints of the building behind through it.

    oh, and Fuzzlenutter, “Train . . .” is an old blues standard about unrequited love. A great tune, too. I do understand where you’re coming from tho.

  8. Fuzzlenutter

    But Bob, every party involved here knows they’re fakes. It doesn’t matter to them. As long as they put this type of propaganda out there for their ignorant followers, they consider the damage done.

    Like most of the progressives out there, the NAACP is so heavily invested in the narrative that the Tea Party Movement is racist that they have to let the “Train Keep Rollin’ All Night Long”…


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