Think Progress Issues Fake Racist Pics To NAACP

In yet another display of disrespect to black people, Think Progress has apparently provided fake pictures of Tea Party ‘racism’ to the NAACP.

In the PR Newswire story ‘CAIR Backs NAACP Resolution on Tea Party Racism’, a link is provided to the NAACP website story of their resolution against the Tea Party. That story contains many jpegs of Tea Party participants holding signs with racist verbiage. One problem: the pictures are fakes.

As a professional Photoshop artist of over ten years, I found these fakes not hard to spot.

Upon close inspection you can see the digital artifacts around the letters on the signs in question. Clearly the resolution of the signs don’t match the smoother, higher resolution of the jpeg’s background. The other pictures on the site are equally suspect.

Whomever created these manipulations was a sloppy amateur, and the fact that Think Progress would provide such manipulations to the NAACP shows their assumptions that these black people would be too stupid to notice the fakes.

A very progressive assumption.

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