Fox News, a Useful Idiot, and the Arrogance of Power

On numerous occasions, we’ve dared show examples of mistakes and even worse, poor judgment when it comes to the Fox News Channel personnel. While the assertion could be made that the world is a slightly better place because of their presence, the responses we received whenever criticizing Fox News was, in some cases, nothing short of insulting a deity.

But what’s even more revealing is their total lack of humility in the aftermath of the first major GOP debate. While they may say otherwise, we’ll stick our necks out in saying Fox News and Republicans might have maybe enjoyed a quarter of the record 24 million viewers if not for the interest brought by candidate Donald Trump.

That said, he was clearly set up from the beginning. While NO ONE we’ve seen or heard has yet to mention those “GOP donors and operatives” and their possible collusion with certain Republican candidates against Trump, Fox News clearly went out of their way to play a couple of “got’chas” on the front runner. There’s one thing Fox News still hasn’t understood to this day: the debates were about the people getting an opportunity to hear candidates discuss the important issues, not about Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly or Bret Baier.

And as far as the malfeasance of the debate itself, Mark Levin offers some insight you’ll NEVER hear the narcissists at Fox News address, and with good reason….

Despite how many people still love and blindly support Fox News, if Megyn Kelly wants to direct a question about misogyny to Trump with any credibility, she should have previously taken FNC to task for the ease at which some could be reduced to the “boob joke” juvenile, and even her willing participation in the glass desk, leg-shot exploitation of the female body for ratings…

The Five
Especially with all that’s happened to people with pizza and wedding cake shops who expressed religious beliefs as a reason not to serve to gays, millions of Christian conservatives still don’t know of Fox News’ sponsorship of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association in making sure any news about gays is good. Ever hear them mention that; you know, full disclosure?

And while everyone’s now in full-dig mode, some things Megyn Kelly’s said in HER past may prove Donald Trump was right about her all along and she’d say almost anything for attention. found a five year old interview of Meghan Kelly when she was climbing up the ladder not minding to get on the Howard Stern Show to gain fame while allowing Stern to discuss with her every sort of smut including her private sex live which is supposed to be sacred. She laughs and is okay with Stern discussing penises, breasts, in a very trashy nonchalant way.

Whoops. And isn’t it amazing that just five years ago, no one could’ve cared less what a Megyn Kelly was?

We know of many people on the right who’s main goal is to do anything that would get them on Fox News, and once there the arrogance gets thick. Whether it’s the righteous rantings of O’Reilly, liberal Krauthammer (who seemingly uses his wheelchair to deflect any criticism), Rivera, Smith, Kelly, Kilmeade, Bolling, Powers, Tantaros, or Guilfoyle, there are less than a handful in that whole organization that appears to have any humility, which is a very important component in delivering “fair and balanced” news coverage.

And now, in what must be the “suck-up of the year” and to the further delight of the liberal media, instead of asking Trump to clarify his latest comments on Megyn Kelly either before or during the next debate, Erick Erickson of RedState, decided to “disinvite” Donald Trump from his event….

I have invited Megyn Kelly to attend in Donald Trump’s place tomorrow night.

… which is quite ironic as Kelly once went off on Erickson about HIS sexist remarks.

I was offended by the piece nonetheless. I didn’t like what you wrote one bit, and I do think you are judging people. To me, you sound like somebody who’s judging but wants to come out and say, “I’m not, I’m not, I’m not, now let me judge, judge, judge. And, by the way, it’s science, science, science, it’s fact, fact, fact, fact, fact.” Well, I mean, I have a whole — this is a list of studies saying your science is wrong and your facts are wrong.

Because of the backlash, he’s also now trying to play the victim because his own words are coming back to haunt and like Fox News digging deep to find dirt on Trump, all sides are now going way back into the musings of Erick and it didn’t take long for the left to strike gold.

Erickson’s past comments include referring to Michelle Obama as a “Marxist harpy wife,” and claiming that pro-choice women were “feminazis…too ugly to get a date.” Actually, Media Matters has a pretty incredible rundown of a lot of the sexist, homophobic, and just generally awful things Erickson has said in the past.

And after only 257 comments, Erickson’s even closed the comments to his “disinvite” post.

“Babysit”…? Pretty arrogant, but that fits right in with the theme of our post.

As Erickson is a “Fox News contributor”, he probably gambled the channel might have his back on this if he sucked up enough. THIS is exactly what the “GOP donors and operatives” wanted. They just needed time to find useful idiots.

Despite the blatant attempt to damage Trump, we’re once again reminded that our media attempts to be the ones who select our candidates, thus our leaders. The question need be repeatedly asked, who do they think THEY are?

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