Levin Mocks GOP Delegates Who Clinched Trump Nomination

So much for Ronald Reagan’s suggested observation of the 11th Commandment.

Thou shalt not speak ill of any Republican.
 Gaylord Parkinson, California Republican Party Chairman

While we’ve never understood the wisdom of insulting an audience on the professional level, Mark Levin has long since made it plain and clear that Donald Trump doesn’t meet his “conservative principles” standard or approval thus any disagreement subjects a differing opinion to his vocal contempt.

During the delegate count at the Tuesday afternoon session of the RNC Convention, Levin let slip just what he thought of those who officially ended any hope of injecting his preferred Ted Cruz as the Republican presidential nominee.

So called “conservatives” like Levin would be demanding Trump supporters unite behind Ted Cruz had he won the primary, but these sore-loser hypocrites are now demanding the person they’ve demeaned now reach out to them or risk losing the presidential election without their presence at the ballot box in November.

Who does that?

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