Instead of Trusting the Media, Believe What YOU SEE

As evidenced by the pitiful plea issued by CNN’s Brian Stelter of the ironically-named “Reliable Sources”, the media is getting increasingly bent out of shape because most people who consume the news just don’t trust and/or believe them and because of Donald Trump, they’re feeling picked on.

The “most extreme anti-media talk we have ever heard from a modern presidential candidate” is long overdue and their propaganda continues unabated.

ABC News: Clinton Rebounds on Enthusiasm; Trump Slips Overall in Latest Poll

Exactly how does one evaluate “enthusiasm” from a poll? A pertinent question given the questionable motives of a partisan media few believe or trust. Hillary Clinton has had to rely on “big names” to draw crowds in an effort to “Get Out the Vote” while Donald Trump’s supporters don’t appear to need a push.

One need only remember the quote of Chico Marx in 1933’s “Duck Soup” when he asked, “Who ya gonna believe, me or your own eyes?” The media believes we should believe them simply because they’re the media and THEY say so. Sorry, but there’s also another noteworthy quote whose source is a current mystery: “What the media builds up, they will tear down”.

The media helped build up Donald Trump out of pure entertainment value. They KNEW he wouldn’t win the primary, but gave them great ratings as they openly portrayed him as a joke. When he began to win more and more, it became time to beat this Republican into a pulp.

DNC staffers wrote questions for CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer when he interviewed Trump, new batch of 8,000 WikiLeaks emails reveals

The problem is Trump counter-punched, gave the media a bloody lip and knocked them down; something they were not used to receiving. Like Mohammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston, Trump taunts a dazed media, waiting for them to get up so he can issue another punch and the whining has begun.

They’ve thrown everything negative possible at Donald Trump while almost consistently inquiring what Hillary needs in order to win the election. One thing they’ve spent little time on is allowing our eyes to evaluate the enthusiasm Donald Trump clearly has and that Hillary Clinton doesn’t.

First, take a look at some of Hillary’s events….

… and compare the size of her venues to that of Donald Trump’s rallies.

Visually, there is no comparison between the attendance size (which IS a contributing factor to “enthusiasm”) of Hillary Clinton’s events and Donald Trump’s. The media, led by Brian Stelter types would have you believe that they’ve been straight with the public all along, Donald Trump’s insulting name-calling is without merit and poor young journalists might be dissuaded from the professional out of risk of bodily harm.

Despite the reputations and lives the media’s torn apart, Donald Trump may have permanently made it impossible to believe them and only believe what we see with our own two eyes.

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