#Trump Supporters, it’s Okay. Get Your Gloat On!

Obviously, there was a lot to absorb in a relatively short amount of time considering 16 months ago, Donald Trump was widely ridiculed as a joke by the educated media and a disgrace by establishment and self-appointed conservative leadership.

Trump supporters were mocked by our own, had our intelligence insulted as we knew nothing about “conservative principles”, were shunned and should have come around to support candidates the elites like Mitt Romney knew COULD win like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. Donald Trump was attacked by the rigged media, the Clintonistas and fellow Republicans in a manner unprecedented and guess what? He won it all despite the superior ground games and media collusion.

Donald Trump and his millions of supporters issued a definitive “Fuck you!” to all those who’ve inflicted pain on the American people as well as those on both sides who managed to maintain comfortable lifestyles while denigrating those who didn’t abandon now-President-elect Trump the numerous times when we were told to.

The sickening display of Speaker Ryan taking partial credit for Mr. Trump’s victory is yet another clear reminder why he need be replaced with a loyal American. Remember how we were told we were going to not only be responsible for the loss of the presidency but all those Republican down-ballot. Given the fact Republicans held both the House and Senate, this is more proof how arrogant and clueless ALL of the professionals were again.

It was clear the emotional meltdown by Hillary’s most coveted supporters, millennials, that her candidacy was built on the arrogant ignorant and compared to the large crowds of thousands that didn’t require alcohol as an excuse to support Donald Trump, it’s easy to see why he left 17 candidates with politically mortal wounds on his windy road to the presidency.

Everybody, the media, the pundits, the pollsters, EVERYBODY was proved wrong and now they are all on notice. Their lies and manipulation formulas are for shit and we all know it. Not enough were motivated by the campaign pleas of President Obama and uppity celebrities. We have no reason to believe and tolerate what they demand we respect.

And to be quite honest, it was entertaining to watch the arrogant eat a heaping portion of humble pie and they did in a very predictable, no class manner….

All of the little drunken snowflakes, mostly from nearby George Washington University, who descended at the White House in the stereotypical vile manner, can now curl up in their fetal positions in campus safe spaces lamenting the loss of a candidate that didn’t have the decency to appear in front of her supporters in New York City and around the country.

Donald Trump is going to be reminded by all that it’s now HIS responsibility to reach out to those who opposed him; a gesture never issued to a vanquished Republican by a vindictive Democrat braggart. But Donald Trump knows and appreciates who put him where he is and unlike the elected, selling out supporters isn’t a convenient political option.

Trump will give the brats something many have never experienced, a 40-hour workweek. Trump will secure the border and the Mexican peso reflects that. Non-essential government workers and illegal aliens may have woke up and issued a collective “Oh, shit!” because their days are numbered. Trump will do everything he’s promised because he has all the government tools at his discretion and a support base that will put any Capitol Hill freelancers on notice.

Gloating may not be polite, especially from the receiving end, but humility is a two way street and liberals and #NeverTrumpers deserve no mercy. Donald Trump supporters have every reason to celebrate and even gloat with a smile. If that sounds impolite, please remember how Obama’s first victory was gleefully rubbed in our faces.

The left needs to show some genuine, honest contrition and it’s not going to be our fault if it takes a long time to believe it’s for real. Those who promised to leave the country if Trump won need to make good on their word. Democrats who insulted us and rammed destructive legislation down our throats since 2009 need to suck it up and not conduct the very “obstruction” they decried. The media… well, they won’t change but a Trump administration won’t lay down on cue as many previous Republicans have and the back-and-forth will continue to be quite entertaining.

Trumpers, gloat. It’s quite justified.