MSNBC Deceptively Edits So Lawrence O’Donnell Can Call @POTUS A Liar

The MSNBC host gleefully Tweeted out an advertisement for a segment during his March 17th “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” program. While more insult than specific, he said President Trump is “most deviant man ever to live in White House”. Seeing how “deviant” is defined by Mirriam-Webster as:

“a person who differs markedly (as in social adjustment or sexual behavior) from what is considered normal for a group”

One would be curious as to what O’Donnell meant as Bill Clinton would be a hard act to top when it comes to sexual deviancy in the White House. But I digress….

Lawrence O’Donnell says Donald Trump’s lies are finally catching up with him as Republicans break rank and say that there’s no evidence to support his claims that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.
MSNBC, 3/16/17

Granted this is nothing new as Mr. O’Donnell’s Twitter feed is pretty much insult after insult and retweets of other insults. WMAL’s Chris Plante pointed out on the 17th that O’Donnell was also aided by yet another deceptive video edit (courtesy of the artisans at NBC News) designed to make Donald Trump appear to be a liar via a recent conversation Fox News’ Bret Baier and Speaker Paul Ryan were having about the STILL unproven, Democrat accusation that the Russians influenced the 2016 presidential election. MSNBC edited a portion of that segment and inserted to make it appear that Ryan was saying there was no proof that Trump was wiretapped during the election.

If you consider the intended audience, the fact that Lawrence O’Donnell believes he can use a 13-day-old video clip on a topic unrelated to a rant almost two weeks later illustrates how easily those who hate President Trump are to tweak and the condescension O’Donnell has for the intelligence of his audience.

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