Racist Liberals STILL Believe Blacks Can’t Know Right-from-Wrong

Like good indoctrinators, liberals continue to feed young people with progressive talking points; many of them elitist and condescending. One example is the notion that blacks are disproportionately incarcerated in comparison to their white counterpoints. The excuses have for years ranged from racist policing to the “socio-economic conditions” that leave black people few options for advancement thus an understandable turn towards a life of crime.

As stated here from the beginning, liberals continue to deny black people the basic humanity of knowing right from wrong.

During the “C-SPAN Classroom’s StudentCam documentary contest” winner “An Incarcerated Nation”, white liberal after white liberal (who work at the nonprofits Post Prison Education Program and Justice Campaign) explain why blacks have no choice but commit crimes thus should not be so harshly punished, and black former convict after black former convict complain about the prison industrial complex while explaining why their lives have been negatively affected for having to do time for crimes committed.

Of course, left out of the responses were the many reasons why blacks have been so dehumanized to the point where knowing right from wrong is a totally alien concept.

If your cat urinates on the carpet, you don’t get mad at the cat because it doesn’t know any better. So when certain black people go astray, liberals in the media find the anointed black “leaders” to tell the world what made them do what they did and blame it on society’s inequities. It’s never our fault. It’s the socio-economic conditions, it’s racism, it’s Reaganomics, and it’s always understandable.

Bob wrote that in his very first op-ed in 2002 and it’s a shame fifteen years later, the same excuses are being delivered by condescending white liberals today. Take any white liberal for a drive and ask them when they know they’ve entered the black community. They won’t know because such an identifier is totally absent in their safe, suburban mindset: bars on the windows.

Think about THAT: it being preferable to risk being trapped in your home during a fire because the chances of being broken into (with or without your being inside) is far greater.

Imagine if ONE DAY there was no crime in the black community and if that one day became two and the two days became a week, what do you think the police response would be? They’d probably end up going where they were called: somewhere else. But instead let’s blame law enforcement having to have an increased presence in areas where the law-abiding public is routinely victimized.

Black Democrats are represented in probably 99% of black communities and are totally absolved from not directly talking to their constituents and demanding parents to take responsibility for the raising of their children.

If the majority of black neighborhoods are controlled by Democrat city councilmen and women, black state legislators, black congress people, why for example, are there vacant lots that haven’t been built upon since the Watts riots? Why are the schools so bad, despite previously having Democrat presidents with Democrat congresses and senates that could have, and should have, fixed the problems? Surely, that doesn’t happen in other neighborhoods. It seems that the only people who benefit by elections in the black community are the black Democrat candidates. But yet, we embrace them.

As many of us older black people were taught by our parents that NOTHING good comes from being on the street after 1am, why are so many black youth still out roaming their communities unsupervised early in the morning getting into trouble, committing crimes that may involve a response from private citizens, and maybe law enforcement?

Why are way too many black youth living by the notion that getting educated is “acting white” while our mostly white-run entertainment industry tells them the ONLY way out of poverty is playing basketball or rapping for their enjoyment and ultimate profit? Is it really black culture for our youth to dress in a manner that is not only the negative stereotype but also will make them potentially unhireable?

The left will not come right out and say it, but it’s clear one of their responses to the negative black experience is keeping abortion legal and readily available.

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Since 1973, more than twice as many blacks have died from abortion than from heart disease, cancer, accidents, violent crimes and AIDS combined; blacks make up about 12 percent of the population in the U.S. but account for 32 percent of the abortions; and about 1,450 black infants are aborted every day in this country.”

Clenard Childress, Jr., director of the Northeast Chapter of the Life Education and Resource Network, said, “For every five African-American women who get pregnant, three have an abortion.”

Until any number of the so-called “black leaders” and those who are influential stand up and hold black people responsible for their decisions and not find excuses for the absence of the simplistic concept of right-and-wrong, crime in the black community will remain disproportionately high and white liberals can sit in front of cameras and sanctimoniously lament all they want.

They’re free and financially comfortable. Must be nice.

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