Samantha Bee Has ZERO #MeToo Cred After 2017 Schneiderman Gushfest

Having a television show is a responsibility; even a show with questionable reach.

TBS’ Samantha Bee had now-shamed former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on her show and did so in a very juvenile, over-the-top fawning and manner.

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Bee, in typical liberal modus operandi, reedited the title and description of her YouTube video segment from November 8, 2017 to imply she was a victim of a misrepresentation con and proceeded with the #MeToo pile-on.

No, she found a champion; put all of her eggs in that #antiTrump, #resistance, #MeToo basket, that she set herself up for the humiliation she rightfully deserves.

By editing her title, Bee admits that she was busted in blind, full-frontal praise of Schneiderman and has attempted to cover her tracks because her judgment is in valid question. Then again, an evil man tricked HER: add her to the list of #MeToo.

Had anyone on Fox News or any conservative media outlet produced such a squishy segment with a serial abuser of women, Samantha Bee would be the first to call out that outlet on their stupidity and complicity in propping up such a vile person. But she assumed no responsibility for having on someone who misled her and her audience. She took no responsibility for not properly vetting a guest on her show, even though it was a well-kept secret.

“Fuck you, Eric Schneiderman” is not a respected acknowledgement of a lapse in judgment or even an admission that believing Schneiderman may just mean some of the things he said about Donald Trump may also not be true.

Samantha Bee has no credibility outside of her small mind.

Then again, she has a TV show and that’s all she needs.


Despite of our proper use of her video clips under the Copyright Act of 1976 (for criticism, commentary) and not a blatant attempt just to siphon views and monetize, like so many others on YouTube, our clip was “manually detected” and removed after either Samantha Bee and/or someone at Turner Broadcasting objected to our “resistance”.

We’re now one “strike” away from having our channel deleted and we know Google is digging deep into our archive for that good excuse.

However, it’s kinda gratifying that one black man and his wife are that much of a threat to a liberal “celebrity” elitist and the company that pays her.

Then again, a simple YouTube search shows very little in the way of any kind of dissenting views when it comes to Samantha Bee. Is this because she’s universally agreed-with or does Turner have a raving egomaniac on their hands who demands a “fuck you” to anyone who deems her more of a no-talent joke than the juvenile ones written for her?

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