Kaitlin Collins vs. Rev. Brenda Lee: White Girl-Privileged Correspondent

Yes, this is a race thing because young millennial white women covering President Trump are allowed, even encouraged to be loud and rude in their so-called coverage. Older, professional black women get much different treatment.

Los Angeles’ KTLA and CNN covered the respectful attempt of a journalist who in 2009 tried to get a message to then-President Obama against gay marriage. One can only imagine the collective media screech had this happened to Kaitlan Collins.

The encounter between “Georgia Informer” reporter Reverend Brenda Lee and Obama’s Secret Service detail has been scrubbed from KTLA’s website, KABC’s, CNN’s, as well as other news sites.

As NBC News’ Chief White House correspondent Hallie Jackson happily admitted, it’s good journalism to embarrass the President of the United States in front of foreign dignitaries, and in general, disrespectfully bark questions at him whenever her associates like.

And when a seasoned commentator like Wolf Blitzer gives such behavior his personal seal of approval, the entitled young white girls will continue their abhorrent version of journalistic professionalism; behavior few others could even dream of getting away without having the cops called on them.

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