Antifa is NOT Part of the ‘Far Left’. They Are the Slacker #Alt-White

It doesn’t matter what news organization you consume. The media selectively operates with labels.

In almost any segment, when they introduce a guest, he or she is identified as a “conservative” or on the “right” or even “far right”. It’s VERY seldom that a Democrat is introduced as a “liberal”, on the “left” or even “far left”. Democrats are not so labeled as to give the consumer the impression that said Democrat is normal or mainstream while the labeled Republican is out there.

However the consistently violent antics of #Antifa has forced the media to identify them as “far left” (as opposed to just the “left”) whenever they have to justify with futility the violence and destruction that almost always follows them.

But if you look at the makeup of #Antifa, they are not the “far left”. They are the #Alt-White.

These are the loser “privileged” offspring of the liberal middle and upper class. From the many videos presented, they are a lot like the spoiled brats who needed their parents to bribe their way into college: not too bright, unmotivated, and seeking attention simply because they exist. The only difference is they know enough to wear masks so they won’t get in trouble at home, where many still live, and risk getting their broke, punk asses kicked out by parents who’ve possibly had enough.

Then again, we could all be getting it wrong about Antifa. Just ask CNN….


NOTE: #AltWhite was a hashtag I created just to piss them off. Don’t read into it beyond that.

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    […] Violently Attacks Protestors Opposing Biden Across The USA Flashback: Antifa is NOT Part of the ‘Far Left’. They Are the Slacker #Alt-White Unlike #BLM, Antifa is the useless spawn of the white upper-middle class. Can’t have cops […]


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