MSNBC’s Reid: Trump’s 4th Celebration a ‘Threat’ to the ‘Resistance’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid admitted how signs of patriotism and pride in our military triggers those who’ve committed wanton acts of disruption and even violence just because someone they didn’t approve of won the 2016 presidential election.


It’s hard to feel any sympathy for those who created J20 precisely to punch the faces of millions who were fed up at the way this country was going and voted for Donald J. Trump.

It is essential to organize in a way that distinguishes us from all state actors and leaves no space for the state to regain legitimacy; antifascism must mean opposition to the state itself, lest we topple Trump only to pave the way for an equally authoritarian regime. The sooner a crisis comes, the better, before Trump, the Deep State, and the Democratic opposition have the chance to get their feet under them; at the same time, we have considerable work to do making our proposals comprehensible to the general public. Last but not least, if regime change takes place, the momentum must come from the streets, not from within the halls of power. As usual, we’ll get out of revolution what we put into it, nothing more.

We saw sore loser liberals in their norm, disrupting traffic, threatening motorists, destroying public and private property, enlisting school children to leave classrooms and take to the unsupervised streets, verbally and physically accost administration members and elected federal representatives in restaurants and in front of their private residences, assault conservative protesters and journalists, and even called for physical violence against those who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, including the shooting of an United States congressman. There was/is gross insubordination by federal employees against Republican appointees heading their departments, media bias justifying actions that would lead to jail time in some instances.

There was/is an attempted coup by the previous administration, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and some in federal law enforcement to fix the election in favor of their preferred candidate, disrupt President-elect Trump’s transition and later, President Trump’s ability to govern. The “resistance” was an unprecedented mechanism to not only dissent but to bully.

Unlike the previous Obama administration, no progressive 501(c)(3) nonprofits were harrassed, no journalists (or their parents) were surveilled and intimidated in an unprecedented manner, no Freedom of Information Act requests are being stalled or ignored, in fact the Trump Administration has show great strength enduring the ongoing media onslaught along with a petulant “resistance” that includes #Antifa which could also be considered Klan 2.0.

And now, they’re triggered by a show of military pride? Only the narcissism of sore-loser liberals would explain why they’d look at a tank and assume it was meant for them.

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