Robert Mueller is NO ‘Man of Extraordinary Integrity and Character’

One would think when it came to choosing someone to investigate the actions of the President of the United States and his former campaign staff that every attempt would be make to assure the American people said investigation was thoroughly impartial and those running the investigation were of the utmost of integrity.

One of the very first questions asked of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a man we repeatedly hear is of the highest integrity, should have been how can we trust that you’ll be fair to all involved when you appear to have slept very well knowing that you once left innocent men in prison for years?

For the record, Mueller did not railroad four innocent men into prison – two onto death row – for a Chelsea murder they did not commit back in 1965. That frame job was handled by the Boston office of the FBI, where at one point at least six G-men were taking payoffs from organized crime. Everyone knew the four men were innocent, but the FBI wanted them to rot in prison, so the scandal would not be revealed.

Fast forward to 2006. Mueller is now the FBI director. After 35 years in the can, two of the four innocent men are dead, the other two have finally been freed. The four men or their estates are suing the feds for wrongful imprisonment. It is not a frivolous lawsuit – they will eventually win a judgment of $102 million.

The plaintiffs – the victims – are trying to get the necessary information from the crooked FBI now run by Mueller about how they were framed. But Mueller absolutely stonewalls the release of the information.
Howie Carr, 1/30/19

How is that relevant? Well, if government officials are comfortable letting anyone sit in jail for crimes they didn’t commit and those government officials are willing to commit illegal acts to keep that person incarcerated, we are all at high risk.

During the course of the Mueller probe, supposedly looking for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign collusion with Russia, many people were were ensnared in perjury traps, prosecuted for “process crimes”, and with one they had to go back many years and prosecuted him for “crimes” that dozens (if not more) of wealthy financiers do on a daily basis but are unscathed because they probably donate to the right political party’s officeholders.

Finally, the much-anticipated testimony of Robert Mueller produced a tired old man who clearly didn’t do much of the work, thus couldn’t speak as to the contents of the report that bears his name. It didn’t go unnoticed.

According to several people who used to work for him, he was not in peak form Wednesday. He said up front that he would not go beyond the language of his 448-page report. But he declined even to read passages of the report. And, surprisingly, he did not seem conversant in the details of his investigation, repeatedly referring questioners to the language of the report without saying in his own words what it meant.
NBC News, 7/24/19

While the media willfully reported the Democrats’ simple-to-recite talking points: attack on our democracy, no one else could get away with it, etc., the important points made by Republicans will be more than absent during most of the post-hearing coverage….

Mueller’s handiwork may be exposed for glaring omissions that, when brought to public light, leave key questions unanswered, especially about how the FBI’s unprecedented probe of the Trump campaign started.
The Hill, 7/23/19

Democrats rely on the misinformation and/or underreporting by their media so far too many are outraged that any nation would try and interfere with our elections. It’s sad that so many liberal Democrats are totally clueless that election interference BY the United States of foreign elections has been done for decades and they’ll know many of those involved.

For the many hours of the hearing, coordinated Democrats led off by praising Mueller’s service to his country and work as special counsel. But if a man can have no problem knowing people are falsely imprisoned just so he and his buddies and continue to make a good taxpayer-funded income with perks and pension, then we’re not talking about anyone who can be trusted, especially leading an investigation in search of a crime involving the president.

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