Social Media Silences Conservatives; Allows Gangs to Promote Murder

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others have been systematically erasing conservative content while hiding behind their selectively-evolving “community standards” against any speech they conclude promotes “hate”. But for some strange reason, gangbangers are allowed to freely promote assault and murder on their social media accounts.

During the A&E program, Secret Life of a Gang Girl: The Untold Story, much is made of the use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to distribute the promotion and threats of gang interactions, not to mention the so-called music industry carrot-dangle for the creation of product that glamorizes, thus incentivizes the potential for murder.

BTW — At no point during the near 42-minute program is a “father” or “mother” mentioned with regards to the upbringing of any of the black youth featured. It’s not surprising those insignificant details were avoided….

So while conservatives and their social media content promoting an ideology and president they prefer is removed from public view because it’s deemed inappropriate, it’s impossible to explain why social media platform monitors allow Facebook posts, Tweets and YouTube videos that legitimize the killing of young black people. If we’re being forced to address racism, let’s also ask the social media “titans” why blacks using their platforms as essentially an accessory to murder is not policed anywhere near as aggressively as they do conservative speech and videos.

Or for progressives, is the ongoing extermination of black people acceptable as long as they keep it in their neighborhoods?


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