‘Well, Sonofabitch’, The Biden Burisma-China Grift Blows Up

The House and Senate Democrats deemed Hunter Biden an unnecessary witness. They claim Joe Biden’s involvement moot and any attempt to drag him into the impeachment process a direct assault on his presidential aspirations. The media kept his infamous braggadocio during a Council of Foreign Relations event as much as possible from the American people.

Seeing how the Biden’s may or may not be called as witnesses in the Senate phase of the impeachment of President Trump, his team appears to have taken no chances and made sure the American people knew just what all the fuss about Hunter’s $83,000/month position with Ukraine’s Burisma Holdings was about and why candidate Joe doesn’t want anyone looking into it.

Former attorney general of Florida Pam Bondi, a member of the president’s legal team, laid the whole Biden-Burisma saga out for public dissemination, seeing how we couldn’t rely on Democrats or the media….

It’s sad how many Americans were hearing these details for the first time.

Bondi’s presentation now forces the hands of Senate Democrats to compel the Bidens to testify in an attempt to refute the allegations, which is what they’ve been trying to avoid to date, or hope it all goes away with the help of a very capable bias-by-omission media. Whether or not the bait will be taken remains to be seen.

Very few of us could get an $83,000/month position in a business that we knew nothing about or experience in.

Then again if your dad was the vice president, he had no sense of morality and was more than willing to use the power of his office to facility your income and make sure there was no scrutiny, well sonofabitch!

10/15/20 UPDATE

Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm
Hunter Biden Offered $10 Million Annually by Chinese Energy Firm for ‘Introductions Alone,’ Email Shows
Donald Trump claims Hunter Biden’s laptop revelations show his rival’s family are ‘grifters’ as Rudy Giuliani boasts of 40,000 MORE emails after bombshell claim VP met his son’s Ukraine business partner
Hunter Biden and other children of political leaders are favored elites in the Chinese mode.
Computer Repairman Who Exposed Biden Emails Says FBI Told Him to Stay Quiet
Burisma official reportedly linked to Joe Biden met with State officials in 2016, memos show
I have fully authorized the total Declassification of any & all documents pertaining to the single greatest political CRIME in American History, the Russia Hoax.
Schweizer: Gaps in Joe Biden’s Public Schedule on Date of Alleged Burisma Meeting

And know the left and their media as we do, a response was short in coming….

Twitter LOCKS Accounts Of Media, Celebrities, Gov. Officials For Sharing Biden Scandal Story
Twitter Communication Manager is Partisan Democrat who worked for Kamala Harris
Jack Dorsey Breaks Silence on Twitter Censorship, Accepts Blame for Company’s ‘Not Great’ Response
Kaleigh McEnany reveals she won’t have her account back until she deletes the story about Hunter Biden
Facebook Comms Person Openly Admits It’s Throttling Traffic to Bombshell Biden-Ukraine Story
Biden campaign ‘glad’ Twitter, Facebook censored Post’s Hunter Biden exposé
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will be subpoenaed to testify on Post censorship
Scarborough: ‘One of the Stupidest October Surprises I’ve Ever Seen’

Because October surprises are supposed to be exclusively aimed at Republicans

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