‘Los Angeles N–gers’? MSNBC Reporter Alison Morris’ Freudian Slip

There’s not much can say about the lack of professionalism in today’s journalism as instances continue to rear their ugly head, especially at one of what’s supposed to be an industry leader.

During coverage of the death of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, MSNBC reporter Alison Morris let the latest offence fly.

As expected, the professional media is quite hesitant to admit their errors and Morris found that page in the playbook for her lame response.

Please know I did not & would NEVER use a racist term.

Uh… you did, but we’re the ones who are confused. Thanks for clearing that up, Alison because we all know this kind of thing never happens….

Loyal MSNBC viewers are giving Alison the benefit of the “confusion” on this one. Some are not.

To many, it sounded like MSNBC reporter covering tragic Kobe Bryant helicopter crash used racial slur
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While fellow MSNBC personalities Al Sharpton and Joy Reid would be up in arms, calling for immediate firings, sensitivity training, and declarations of racist guilt-by-association had this occured on Fox News or anything conservative/Republican, Alison Morris will get a pass….

We found no credible report claiming Morris has been fired. MSNBC has not released a statement about the incident or a change in Morris’ employment. The cable channel did not respond to a request for comment.
Politifact, 1/29/90

… because as we all know, she’s is one of the channel’s preferred type and this is not who liberals are because they say so, right?


In what is sure to become part of the liberal playbook (given the valuable example demonstrated by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam), commit a racist offense, deny it, and act like it never happened. Since Alison Morris doesn’t have his political currency, it looks she laid low for a week just to reemerge as if nothing ever happened.

The impeachment of President Trump provided much needed cover.

Careful Alison, it was your big mouth that got you in trouble in the first place.

13 Responses

  1. Dick Fitzwell

    Who gives a shit even if she did say NIGGERS. It makes no difference. It doesnt make sense in any context that she would say Los Angels NIGGERS. The people bitching are racist blacks that fucking hate all white people or the snowflakes that support the genocide of their own people.

    • Michael Trenton

      Wow! Insecure much? Generalizations go both ways. Why do you generalize about human beings. So much hate in your heart.

  2. miss_mesha

    She obviously said that and thought it to be funny. It’s sad that even in tragedy the race card still is in play. Sad day in America when we can come together and mourn especially when something like this affects the world. Glad I raise my children not to see color.

  3. John

    I’m not sure what is worse, the fact that she said it, or that her, and her cohorts, are trying to lie to everyone and say she said something else. Hey blondie, Knicks, or any variation of Knicks, or Lakers for that matter uses the letter G. So you might believe, in your heart, that the players in the NBA are just a bunch of n!$$ers, as is obvious, but then to further insult people by telling them they are dumb as well, is over the top. You should have just told all the dumb n!$$ers that you didn’t say what you did,

  4. Yo mama

    You racist fucks need to get the fuck over yourselves. It doesn’t even sound like she said niggers


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