Speaker Pelosi Blames POTUS for COVID-19 PC Dems Helped Unleash

While we’re all being told that this is not the time to play politics, that’s exactly what Democrats are doing and Speaker Nancy Pelosi is taking direct aim at President Trump… again.

Depending on a friendly CNN to not air inconvenient clips, as they would probably have at the ready if they were interviewing a Republican criticizing a Democrat, Pelosi failed to mention her politically correct denials early on as well as statements made by others in her party….

When the president declared a travel ban, specifically to those coming from the China coronavirus epicenter, he was called a hysterical xenophobe by Democrats all the way up to their presidential candidate. Speaker Pelosi herself went to the Chinese enclave in San Francisco, blowing off suggested precautions like “social distancing”, to prove her sensitivity and embarrass those whose logical decisions may have saved more lives than she’ll ever admit.

To be fair, Pelosi was not alone. She just joined the Democrat pile-on and while she publicly praises Trump coronavirus task force advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci as a scientific level-head, he doesn’t always agree with her assertions.

Dr. Fauci: Trump China Restrictions Slowed Spread of the Wuhan Flu

If we actually had a media whose job it was to fact-check ALL and not just the president, Democrats may have shown responsible restraint in making reckless statements. But politically correct leftists had their backs.

Democracy Now!: The racist U.S. response to coronavirus “has nothing to do with the epidemic”
PolitiFact: Biden has not directly said that the restrictions were xenophobic.
The Nation: Republican Xenophobia Is Going to Make the Pandemic Much Worse

If this really is a time to shelf politics, then it should start at the top. If politics is going to be played, then those in the game should be ready to defend their words and actions to the media and the American people.

Then again, one out of two ain’t bad.

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