Biden 2020: Down-Ballot Democrat Carnage is a Real Possibility 😅

It’s never a good thing to get overconfident because that’s why there are things called “upset” victories. But let’s be real; it can’t be fun to be a Democrat today. They’re going throw everything including the kitchen sink at Donald Trump because they know their 2020 presidential nominee is going to get his ass kicked.

Kicked bad, because their candidate is not all there and he could take a lot of Democrats down with him.

Sure, Joe’s raking in the dollars now but he’s all the Democrats have and the party at least wants to make this look like a decent showing.

So-called conventional wisdom says that incumbent presidents usually lose the first debate. President Trump stands a good chance to change another norm and the American people will watch that first debate just to see how badly Biden will look against a president that really doesn’t like to take prisoners. Democrats will do anything and everything to offset the millions of Democrats who won’t even bother going to the polls, thus even further motivating Trump to make this as humiliating a Democrat defeat as possible because Biden has the potential of really screwing over everyone down ballot.

If in fact for example, we solve the problem in the United States of America, and you don’t solve it in other parts of the world, you know what’s gonna happen? You’re gonna have travel bans. You’re gonna not be able to have economic intercourse around the world.
Joe Biden, 4/27/20

If you thought liberals were depressed the night Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump, depression should start kicking in sometime around mid-September when it becomes obvious to all Joe Biden has no business being the Democrat nominee and the circular firing squad will commence.

But the media is intentionally leaving out the simple math. Should Donald Trump win big, Republicans down ballot will also receive votes which could make for a very long night for Democrats in the House, Senate and their staffs.

If Democrats weren’t the mean people too many seem to be, they’d almost be worthy of pity.

Oh, well.

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