UPDATE: #ContactTracing is Much More Sinister Than We Thought

The COVID-19 is being shown to have been blown way out of proportion. Authoritarian Democrat and RINO governors are facing public rebellion, courts are backing protesters, and the Department of Justice will be looking into the abuse of rights by the elected on their citizens. The liberal media is being increasingly ignored. How will Democrats regain their grip on the people?

Next up, “contact tracing”.

Remember the name “Paul Farmer”….

If Democrats and RINOs follow the lead of their socialist mentors, an American could be required to have contact tracing approval to get a job, obtain a driver’s license, gun permit, bank account, attend a school, maybe even leave the house, and we all know you’ll probably need to have some kind of government approved health care plan (which means whomever creates the app you use, will also have access to your medical record).

I think part of the point behind tracing and the work associated with that and especially the support for people who are isolating is it’s hard to understand if you don’t do something like this how you give people confidence that you’re chasing what I would call an affirmative approach to deal with the spread of the virus. I was not of the opinion that we should wait for the federal government to head down this road. I wanted to get going on this because I do think it’s something that’s critical to our strategy to deal with containing COVID generally.
Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (R), 4/28/20

Of course, college students and other useful idiots will be required. The fact that Apple and Google are already onboard means that contact tracing functionality could be on their next app upgrades and the indoctrinated youth think this is really cool.

Contract Tracing Apps for the Coronavirus Are the New Trend. Here’s Why.

Downloading and installing an upgrade could also mean you may have given them all the “consent” legally required. Don’t buy anything we’re being told that’s voluntary because when liberals are involved, voluntary is temporary.

In case you think this is sensationalism rumor-mongering, it’s already happening in the United States….

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It turns out, it’s worse than we all thought.

So, if you think you can just decide not to participate because this is the United States of America and we have Constitutional rights, think again.

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