‘Millions’ in U.S. Will Die from COVID-19: The Left Was Wrong AGAIN!

When a true autopsy is performed regarding the overreaction to the Coronavirus outbreak, many should be justified in asking why we should EVER trust anything the media disseminates again.

Remember when the media scared us all via reports on the tragic numbers of COVID-19 deaths coming in? We now know that those numbers were overinflated as was the ratings-driven drama.

Ninety-five percent of New York City’s almost 200 deaths from the new coronavirus had underlying health conditions, though almost half were under the age of 75, according to data published by the city’s health department on Tuesday. The deaths, as well as data on cases and hospitalizations, mimic the patterns found in other cities with major outbreaks.
Bloomberg, 3/25/20

Since initial numbers started being compiled, 57,065 have died in the United States from the Coronavirus. Think about that as we reminisce on the sensational headlines warning of apocalyptic death from the China virus, all used as an impetus to shut down the entire economy of the United States.

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To date, the number of COVID-19 deaths are still fewer than those predicted to die this year from the flu.

The predictions of doom have been proven all wrong, couple that with the liberal trait on not admitting when they’re very wrong, and it’s just exacerbated the irrational fear the left has against reopening the United States for business, even though some of their well-touted academics are crying foul with numbers.

So, why the hype? Of course, when it comes to almost anything the media reports in a sensational manner, it comes down to an agenda-driven political outcome.

They’ve succeeded in destroying this November election’s Trump card (which the historic economy far too many predicted would NEVER happen); they’ve used “social distancing” as a means to stop all of those troublesome rallies that had increasing numbers of Democrats attending; they’ve been able to crash the livelihoods of private sector employees whom local Democrat and RINO politicians can dictate their “essential” status, thus their ability to earn a paycheck.

Liberal Democrats, scared to death by the media they choose to consume, are berating those who challenge the edicts from state and local politicians and dare wanting to do something as simple as go outside. But the fat-and-comfortable in government who still receive pay uninterrupted, will soon attempt to hold Americans hostage again when any new federal stimulus proposals cross Capitol Hill. Democrats will insist on mail-in ballots so their need social distancing can be justified and fraud can be performed to stop any down-ballot bleed out they may suffer once indifferent Joe Biden voters stay home on Election Day out of the fear they promulgated.

How many times can they be wrong and allowed to walk away, not suffering any repercussions for the national damage done?

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