‘VDEM’: Branding Faux Pas or Intentional In-Your-Face Messaging?

Especially with the Coronavirus activity, we’re seeing more of these SUV’s in Virginia neighborhoods and around government buildings. Maybe it took a pandemic to make these more noticeable but the messaging is troubling.

“VDEM” stands for Virginia Department of Emergency Management. However, didn’t anyone see “VDEM” as potentially problematic?

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) works with local government, state and federal agencies, and voluntary organizations to provide resources and expertise through the four phases of emergency management. VDEM develops and maintains state emergency plans and assists communities in developing localized emergency operations plans.

If you see this as hypersensitive, what do you think the immediate response from the left would be if, say, a Virginia Government Office of Protection or “VGOP” department were created?

Heaven forbid there’s any confusion….

A “VGOP” acronym would never make it past the suggestion stage before some liberal would be hyperventilating that the department may give a suggestion of partisanship. But VDEM makes it straight to implementation without concern for what may be implied or even potential offensiveness to Republicans?


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