To Protect Obama from #ObamaGate, Dems Will Play the Race Card (Again)

Not saying Weija Jiang is smart enough to have such foresight and her question to President Trump was more insidious, but it clearly set up what’s going to be the coming narrative.

President Donald Trump is a racist.

Women Reporters Unite With Weijia Jiang Against Trump’s Racist & Sexist Media Attacks

Simple and easy for the left to retain and recite.

Despite their efforts to force President Trump to respond to the Twitter explosion of #ObamaGate, the media knows exactly what’s happening and their Russia-collusion hoax is imploding, despite their best efforts for over three years, before their eyes.

It looks like President Obama ordered up phony RussiaGate scandal

They know what the newly-released transcripts of Obama-era officials reveal about the lies they said on numerous cable television programs and in print. The media knows everything we know about the misdeeds of federal law enforcement and intelligence employees bent on stopping candidate Trump from getting elected, sabotaging his Transition Team’s effort and derailing his Administration with investigations built from faulty documents and strong-arming those they were investigating.

Why Did Obama Tell The FBI To Hide Its Activities From The Trump Administration?

It can’t be said enough that none of the players involved would ever embark on these tasks without getting a nod from a superior who got a nod from a superior who got a nod on up. At some point then-President Barack Obama had to have not only known, by okay’d all of the nefarious activities now coming to light.

When asking if Obama can be held legally accountable for actions committed during his presidency, the answer is usually “no”, but let’s also not forget that that goalpost has been moved against President Trump for most of his presidency.

The Justice Department’s policy that a sitting president cannot be indicted rests on the assertion that prosecuting a president would so impair his ability to perform the duties of his office that it would amount to an unconstitutional violation of the separation of powers.

Even if there are reasons to question the legitimacy of DOJ’s policy, it is unlikely to change anytime soon. Instead, it’s more important to focus on the policy’s most significant limitation and when it is lifted: whatever protection from prosecution a sitting president enjoys comes to an end when he or she leaves office.
Just Security, 8/13/19

If the left is just waiting to pounce and arrest a future Former President Trump for everything surrounding Russian interference in the 2016 election we know didn’t happen but you can never underestimate the resolve of those who’ll never admit they bought bullshit because they really wanted it to be true.

Durham Moving Full Throttle on Russian Probe Review

There’s a possibility Former President Obama could be in legal jeopardy (the case could be made for leading a coup d’etat) and that could be why the Democrat left is so eager to try and laugh off #ObamaGate, discredit (again) Attorney General William Barr, and U.S. Prosecutor John Durham. There are no private citizens who could have been engaged in similar conduct against a sitting United States president and expect to see the outside of a prison cell for the remainder of his or her lifetime. This is the really all those involve are potentially facing and when the heat starts getting applied, some will be more than willing to rat someone out for leniency, if not immunity.

And when some of those rats start point at Obama, there’s going to be only one possible strategy left to be played; one that’s worked so well for so long: the race card. They’ll say President Trump is a racist and the very people saying it will be know liars.

This narrative has already begun and Weija Jiang is the latest useful idiot. There will be more, there always are. The only time you see them on cable news programs is when they can be used and they’ll be willing participants… for free (“exposure”), as usual.

We’re well past kitchen sink when it comes to what’s left for liberals to throw at Donald Trump but the stakes have been raised.

Michael Flynn fiasco will reveal Obama’s truth

The 2020 Election is looming, Democrats have a cringe-worthy candidate and the president who they said was the “smartest ever” may have been proven wrong because he thought he could wreck candidate Trump and depended on a President Hillary to hide the bodies. Not so smart after all and the only excuse Democrats will have is that we’ll find out the truth behind his dirty deeds ONLY because Barack Obama is half black.

Screwed up logic but consider whom we’re dealing with.

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