Jericka Duncan: CBS News Green Screen Field Reporter Drama Queen

Given the product we’re presented, it’s been obvious to most blessed with common sense that the news and entertainment industries have little respect for their consumers. Every once in awhile, their arrogance and insulting the intelligence of the American people is crystal clear.

This is one of those moments.

Opening the September 24, 2020 broadcast of the CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell with the growing unrest after the announcement regarding the officers involved with the Breonna Taylor shooting, reporter Jericka Duncan reported from the streets of Louisville, Kentucky.

At least that’s what CBS wanted everyone watching to believe….

Bravely doing her segment during what she hoped would be another “mostly peaceful” protest, Duncan wore a bulletproof vest. A sign that thing could go from bad-to-worse at any moment.

The problem was award-winning journalist Jericka Duncan was not on the street. It looks like she was in a studio, standing in front of a green screen, motioning like she was doing a weather report, and it may have not been the first time. Any video professional can see the keying and the lighting; perfect while no one immediately behind her was affected. Canned, tastefully-leveled protest audio with none of the customary profanity. What perfect timing!

Kinda’ makes you wonder when she “won a local “Best Morning Show” Emmy award after reporting on winter storms” in 2008, if those reports where done from a nice, toasty studio.

The drama she was implying, wearing a vest, was fake. Her presence there was fake. Norah O’Donnell knew it was fake.

But this wasn’t a one-time ruse. In studio wardrobe, Jericka possibly “reported” from the Louisville streets in front of a green screen on September 22nd as well….

While “mostly peaceful” protests have continued nightly since the announcements were made, the need for Duncan’s bulletproof vest appears to have subsided. In fact, upon reviewing other news accounts on the ground in Louisville, Jericka Duncan may have been the only news reporter to have donned such protective equipment.

Distinctive QuickTime video artifact distortion will bust you every time.

But we’re to trust and believe CBS and their “news”.

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