Biden Wants to ‘Unite’. Why Would You Want to ‘Unite’ with the Insane?

Who does this?

Before they lost the 2016 election, the Hillary Clinton campaign tried to set up Donald Trump with fake accusations and use those accusations to portray him as a traitor. They wasted near $32 million taxpayer dollars paying Democrat lawyers in a failed investigation. They lied to courts so they could spy on American citizens. Entertainers publicly fantasized about killing the president. They used third-party hearsay to launch an unsuccessful impeachment proceeding. They harassed and intimidated Administration officials at restaurants and at their homes. They doxxed and assaulted the president’s supporters. They assaulted and assassinated police officers. They used social and the news media to cover-for and censor opposition. They cheated to win the 2020 election. During that time, they vandalized, burned, looted and seized control over parts of major American cities. In 2020, they voted for a senile, old man who, at times, didn’t know where he was or which office he was running for and now wants us to “unite” behind him.

One can clearly see that Democrats are certifiably insane.

Now that Joe Biden believes he’s going to be the next President of the United States, even though his supporters threaten mass violence if he lost on Election Night, he conveniently wants Republicans and conservatives to forget an elongated, abusive past.

“Unite” with Democrats means give them all they want, or else.

That’ll be a tough one, Joe.

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