Media: ‘Trump Stormed Off’ the CBS 60 Minutes Interview… Really?

Donald Trump knows the media and also knows that with less than two weeks before the presidential election, the media will do all they can to help their preferred Joe Biden across the finish line. He knows how the media operates, conducts interviews, and blatantly edits footage to meet time and ideological perimeters.

President Trump threatened to release footage his team shot independently after press reports appeared to contradict what really happened; not like that’s anything new….

CNN: Trump abruptly ends ’60 Minutes’ interview before planned taping of joint appearance with Pence
Mirror (UK): Trump releases tape of him ‘storming out’ of interview for being asked ‘tough’ questions
Mediaite: Here’s the Moment Trump Stormed Out of His 60 Minutes Interview with Lesley Stahl
Young Turks: Trump STORMS OUT of 60 Minutes Interview
The Hill: Krystal and Saagar: Trump STORMS OUT Of 60 Minutes Interview, Taunts Lesley Stahl

That’s not exactly how it all went down.

Chances are very good you WON’T hear Lesley Stahl whining about 60 Minutes being “insulted” with Vice President Mike Pence. Good thing she wasn’t a Republican in the Trump White House.

You’ll have to watch the White House footage to see what 60 Minutes edited out or manipulated, and IF there are any upcoming network interviews with Joe Biden, the attitude in the room will be noticeably amicable.

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