Biden Business ‘Key Contacts’ (again) Prove Politicians Enrich Themselves

As far back as 1999, people started paying attention to the fact that many that supposedly come to Capitol Hill to serve Americans are only there to serve themselves.

From the time they arrive in Washington, newly elected members of Congress are told they are something special, an elite class. But too many members of both the House and Senate treat their “special place in life and in American history” as a license to steal, living large at taxpayer expense, ignoring laws that apply to ordinary Americans and betraying the trust of the public that put them there.
Capitol Hill Blue, “America’s Criminal Class”

Of course since they supposedly “police” themselves and enjoy a partisan media that nurses off the largess, this has conveniently remained under the public radar. It also partially explains why the counties surrounding the District of Columbia are some of the wealthiest in the nation.

The revelations into the Biden family “business” enterprises have also revealed just how that proud tradition continues to this day.

A list of “key domestic contacts” for a joint venture involving Jim and Hunter Biden and now-bankrupt CEFC China Energy Co. included former Vice President Joe Biden’s current running mate Sen. Kamala Harris, among other prominent Democrats, Fox News has learned. An email exclusively obtained by Fox News, with the subject line “Phase one domestic contacts/ projects” and dated May 15, 2017, Biden’s brother, Jim Biden, shared a list of “key domestic contacts for phase one target projects.”

It is unclear if any of the Democrats were ever contacted about the “target projects.”
Fox News, 10/22/20

We’ll have to wait until the dogged at the New York Times get on the case.

And who was on this email? It reads like a mostly prominent-Democrat who’s who of “domestic contacts” for what could’ve been very lucrative projects in the United States….

May 15, 2017
RE: Key domestic contacts for phase one target projects

1. New York State
Governor Andrew Cuomo

New York Senior Senator Chuck Schumer (D)

Junior Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D) who served as special counsel to Andrew Cuomo when he was Secretary of HUD.

2. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

3. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, previous head of the DNC and former Clinton Campaign chair.

4. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton (D)
Senior Senator Al Franken (D)
Junior Senator Amy Klobuchar (D)

Governor Rick Scott (R) (personal friend of my friend Billy Rubin and close to my friend Ken Jenne, former Sheriff of Broward County, FL).

6. California Governor Jerry Brown (long time friend from his first term as governor).
Senior Senator Dianne Feinstein (D)
Junior Senator Kamala Harris (D)
Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsome (Hunter’s friend)
Mayor of Los Angelos Eric Garcetti
Mayor of San Diego Kevin Faulconer

As of now, the Biden family and their business dealings are under a liberal media-reluctant microscope.

“I just saw behind the Biden curtain and I grew concerned with what I saw,” he said. “The Biden family aggressively leveraged the Biden family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities even though some were from communist-controlled China.”
Tony Bobulinksi, institutional investor recruited by the Biden family to run their joint-venture with now-bankrupt CEFC China Energy Co.

There are many corporations and prominent individuals who are profiting off the communist Chinese, so this is not to be singling out the Bidens. However, the line of legality appears to have been danced over, not only by their family members, but also by those who could potentially use their political positions to shrink the width of that line.

Things could get very messy, very soon.

Had Hillary Clinton been elected president, everything we now know about the partisan corruption of law enforcement and courts would never have been revealed to the American people. With that you can be sure if Joe Biden is elected president, everything we’re now learning about his family’s business dealing will go into that dark place where inconvenient truth is hidden from view.

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