U.S. Braces for Post-Election Trump Victory, Activist Swamp Insurrection

There’s no way for Democrats to intellectualize and/or disguise what’s coming. After a summer of previews, government and businesses know what the children are going to do if they don’t get their way and President Trump wins reelection.

Businesses across nation board up windows ahead of potential Election Day unrest
Boarded-Up Windows and Increased Security: Retailers Brace for the Election
Detroit area Marshalls stores board up windows ahead of Election Day
Shops in downtown San Francisco boarding up ahead of election
NYC Stores Board Up and Take Precautions Before Election
Denver warns downtown businesses to prepare for Election Day unrest as shops board up their windows
‘Horrified We Have To Go Through This’: Businesses Board Up Ahead Of Potential Election Unrest

After a summer of property vandalism and damage, arson, looting, injuries and death of law enforcement and the public at the hands of Black Lives Matter activists, Antifa punks, and pissed off millennials, there has yet to be one “peaceful protest” turned violent that was instigated by Trump-supporting Republicans.

It would be naive to assume a Biden defeat would not result in nights and days of anything other than “mostly peaceful”.

Some of these concerns about violence may also connect to the small but not insignificant number of people who said they may not to accept the election results. Almost 14% of those polled said that they were not prepared to accept the election results if Trump wins. As for Trump supporters, 10% said that they would not accept the results if Biden won.
Boston Herald, 10/28/20

Sorry, if 14% are not “prepared to accept the election results if Trump wins”, just what are they prepared to do about it?

It’s as if President Trump sees this for what it is and after four years of #swamp meddling from those within the federal governemt, enough was enough.

President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order creating a new classification of “policy-making” federal employees that could strip swaths of the federal workforce of civil service protections just before the next president is sworn into office. But federal employee groups and government observers described the executive order as a “stunning” attempt to politicize the civil service and undermine more than a century of laws aimed at preventing corruption and cronyism in the federal government.
Government Executive, 10/22/20

Coming from clearly partisan federal employees who routinely discriminate (or worse) against Republicans, the irony is hilarious.

Knowing conservatives as we do, should Joe Biden win, there will be disappointment and anger but chances are very slim it will result in provocative violence and destruction. It’s not the primary instinct of conservatives to take to the streets if something happens that pisses them off.

Given how they take to the streets in Third World frenzies when they win, a loser left on the other hand, is a whole other scenario and there will be more involved than we can count.

Those who disrupt know their options are wide open.

Mayor Muriel Bowser said she had not decided whether to use National Guard troops for election-related violence, though some troops still remain activated amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Fox Business, 11/1/20

Had ONE “peaceful protest”-turned violent been a Republican creation, it would have been labeled as such repeatedly by the media. This has not been the case as any violence involving conservatives during the summer of rioting has been defensive.

Should Biden lose, there will be mayhem in the streets. As much as the media will try and insulate the destruction, these will be Democrat-supporters doing the damage. The video we’ll see on social media of attacks on police, looting of stores and vandalism of businesses will be Democrat constituents. They will not be “mostly peaceful” and what we’ll see are not things “all sides” are doing.

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