Facebook’s ‘Tasks’ and ‘Centra’: Mark Zuckerberg (again) Knows Nuthin’

It’s happened to many of us and our social media accounts. Facebook and Twitter demand we accept their moderation, or else. We have to accept their verdicts, restrictions, bans, and lockouts.

But it also appears Facebook, in particular, has been up to much more nefarious activities unbeknownst to their customers. It took having CEO Mark Zuckerberg under oath, in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, for some illuminating truth to come out.

Truth he knows very little about (again)….

Search “Facebook Centra”. Aside from medical institutions, you can’t find anything on it. Facebook’s consumer “Tasks” comes off as benign, but a lot of things over the course of history has appeared to be all nice before all hell broke loose.

Incredible, but not unexpected.

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