CDC: After Jab, You’re ‘Unvaccinated’ for 14 Days. If You Survive, You’re ‘Vaccinated’!

We’re seeing more and more news stories about a substantial rise in the irresponsible “unvaccinated” overrunning hospitals.

COVID-19: 85.7% admitted to Flagler Hospital are un-vaccinated
‘Too many unvaccinated’: Idaho seeks hospital volunteers, plans COVID treatment centers
Florida hospital workers: Exasperated by the unvaccinated
North Alabama hospital has 47 COVID patients in ICU, 43 are unvaccinated
Unvaccinated 29 Times More Likely To Be Hospitalized In L.A., CDC Says
Noticeable rise of unvaccinated pregnant women admitted to hospital for COVID

With that, don’t underestimate the ability of those demanding the unvaccinated obey and get the jab to manipulate in a disingenuous manner.

According to the “CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report Early Release / Vol. 70 August 24, 2021“, if you get the shot, you’re not considered “vaccinated” until 14 days have passed. Within 14 days of your getting the jab (and something bad happens), you’re counted as “unvaccinated”.

Translation: the majority of those filling up hospital beds could probably be vaccinated, NOT unvaccinated.

Pretty shady, eh?

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