Gen. McKenzie on Stranded Americans: Some ‘Want to Stay For Awhile’

U.S. Central Command Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, announced the completion of withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. During the Pentagon briefing McKenzie said the withdrawal, “Signifies both the end of the military component of the evacuation and also the end of the nearly 20 year mission.”
MSNBC, 8/30/21

During the announcement, General McKenzie actually said some Americans left behind “want to stay for awhile”.

In case you don’t believe a human being could be so callous, hear for yourself….

He said the number of remaining Americans is in the “very low hundreds.”
Yahoo News, 8/30/21

Oh well, that’s not so bad.

White House says ‘small number’ of Americans remain in Afghanistan
US military admits several hundred Americans who wanted to leave Afghanistan are stranded
Sacramento school district confirms 24 students are still stranded in Afghanistan
Animal Rights Group Goes After Biden Administration For Allegedly Leaving Service Dogs Behind
Thousands of American University of Afghanistan students and graduates were left behind
American woman trapped in Afghanistan and tear-gassed at airport:
‘The last flight is gone and we’re left behind’

‘We have Americans stranded in countries all the time’:
Pentagon defends leaving hundreds of citizens in Kabul

Biden Banks On Taliban To Rescue Stranded Americans

Let’s hope and pray over the coming days, weeks and months, we don’t start getting reports of the tradition atrocities we’ve come to expect from the Taliban, especially committed against Americans, stranded by the Biden administration, who chose to remain because they “wanted to stay for awhile”.

Not like anyone in the Biden administration gives a shit about them.

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