Democrats Must NEVER Be Forgiven or Forgotten For Their Biden Vote

It’s a media action line leading off almost every newscast.

President Joe Biden’s approval with the American people are setting new lows on an almost daily basis and we’re hearing the term “buyer’s remorse” more and more when it comes to those who eagerly voted for him and now regret it.

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Some of these remorseful voters want him gone now!

50% Support Biden’s Impeachment

While it’s nice that some people are FINALLY coming around, it’s too fucking little; too fucking late.

Only an arrogant liberal Democrat could watch the 2020 presidential campaign and see that Joe Biden was not only unfit to compete, but should have known he’d be a lousy president, especially with an incompetent running mate that couldn’t even get out of the starting gate when she tried to run for the same office. But their hatred for President Trump overrode what little common sense their brains could handle and they voted for this functionally-deteriorated old man anyway.

Now that reality is socking them in the mouth on a daily basis, President Biden is no longer good for the country and they want a change. Whoop-de-fucking-doo. Many of the problems stem from Biden executive orders signed on his first day in office; not because there were problems that required his immediate attention. It was all about immediately reversing the policies of Donald Trump because he could and it’s what his supporters demanded.

And what were the near-immediate results?


Gas Prices

Many of these Biden voters are whining about gasoline prices. Now that it’s personally and negatively affecting them, let’s remind these Democrats that thanks to Donald Trump, the United States was a net exporter of energy. We had so much oil, we were selling it to other nations, thus our gas prices were quite low.

For the future of U.S. energy—and for the entire world—it’s difficult to overstate how much could be at stake in next week’s election. Just don’t expect to see that reflected in the price of oil.
Fortune, 10/29/20

Oh, really…?

What a difference a year and a president makes.

That is, until Joe Biden killed the Keystone Pipeline project thus hundreds of good-paying jobs and sent the price of oil upward. Within days of his taking office, gas prices began to rise and Biden begs our petroleum competitors to pump more oil for the US to buy. He later tapped into the Strategic Oil Reserves in a futile attempt to slow the rise of gas prices. Didn’t work.

We were okay until Democrats voted for Joe Biden.


Joe Biden and his protectionist media blamed Donald Trump for coronavirus deaths on a near-daily basis during the campaign. Let’s not forget, COVID-19 was an unknown and no one could predict its potential peril and the world got no assistance from its nation of origin: China. Despite his creation and implementation of Operation Warp Speed, getting vaccines to all who wanted them in near-record time, Joe Biden pledged that he and he alone would end the pandemic, and even made statements we all know are untrue to this day.

“You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”
President Biden, 7/22/21

More Americans have now died from COVID-19 under Biden than Trump, yet all we get from Joe is blaming those who are (at this point) still free to choose whether they want a vaccine or not. More and more who are vaccinated are contracting the virus, the medical “experts” who insisted the man-made “gain-of-function” research accusation was conspiracy theory is now busted because it was all about the all-important grant money, and some in power still demand their populace wear masks and/or get the jab while blowing off their inconvenient mandates behind close doors.

Biden is resisting all processes that could finally lead to s sense of normalcy in the nation because bossing Americans around is much more fun.

We were okay until Democrats voted for Joe Biden.

Inflation / Food Prices

Forcing people to do anything, in a free country, has its perils. It can even lead to pushback and when you mix higher gas prices, inflation, and truckers who don’t want to get vaccinated: a perfect storm. Not only does the cost of food start to rise, but the availability of products becomes an issue.

Not since the months leading up to the fall of the Soviet Union did we ever see pictures of empty store shelves in major metropolitan cities. Thanks to Joe Biden, we have new images to choose from. We may be hearing more complaints because some of the areas are closer to Washington D.C. where overpaid federal employees and contractors shop have bare grocery aisles and we already know how gluttons freak at the possibility of missing a meal. These fed employees can afford to horde food which could also be a reason why certain shelves are empty, but when they get down to the canned goods in their pantries, the whining will take on a heightened shrillness.

We were okay until Democrats voted for Joe Biden.

Illegal Immigration

Under Donald Trump, enforcement of our immigration laws was a campaign issue he ran on in 2016 and kept by the end of his first term. Illegal immigration was at a historic low, thanks to the border wall in construction under his watch. Most Americans, including Latinos, were happy with the result. Democrats and their illegal immigration nonprofit advocates hated it, thus it was an almost immediate imperative that the policy is dismantled.

On Day One, Joe Biden delivered.

We now have, literally, millions of people from around 150 countries who’ve not only violated our southern border but too many have been set free within the United States. They’ve been given bus and plane tickets to a destination of their choosing (how fucked up is that?) and in many cases are given phones, cash cards and housing at taxpayer’s eventual expense. Americans are being directed harmed by those with criminal records and we’ve yet to see what will come from those who came from terrorist states and whose actions will be green-lighted.

We were okay until Democrats voted for Joe Biden.


During the summer of 2020, Americans witnessed an unprecedented level of anarchy, violence, looting, injury, and death at the hands of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and their sympathizers. Cities were set ablaze and police officers were targeted for assassination. It all made for great video, distributed by the corporate media that repeatedly gaslighted the American: the protests were “mostly peaceful”.

Biden voters looked the other way when Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, personally helped raise bail for those who looted, burned and took over city blocks after overrunning the police and burning down their stations.

Despite the record-breaking number of homicides in 2020 alone, Joe Biden and his administration blow off the carnage.

On Fox is Jeanine Pirro talking about ‘soft-on-crime consequences. I mean, what does that even mean, right? So, there’s just an alternate universe on some coverage. What’s scary about it is, a lot of people watch that. They think that the president isn’t doing anything to address people’s safety in New York and that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, Pod Save America, 1/25/22

Tell that to the families of slain police officers or parents of toddlers hit by stray gunfire in Democrat-run cities.

Well, it’s easy to blow off a crime wave when you work for the President of the United States and have round-the-clock armed Secret Service protection. But when congressmen and other politicos fall victim to carjackings, stores on 5th Avenue and Rodeo Drive have been cleaned out by thieves in soft-on-crime, George Soros-installed prosecutors, the Trump-hating celebrity elite are now being inconvenienced (if not in fetal positions in their safe rooms). Crime is suddenly an issue to Democrats who would never watch Fox News.

We were okay until Democrats voted for Joe Biden.

There are many more reasons why Democrats have now decided they made a mistake in voting for Joe Biden. Not so fast on the forgiveness.

Despite their insistence of restoring our stature in the world after Donald Trump, Americans have died due to Biden administration incompetence. Peace-loving hippy Democrats and their ignorant brood will never give Trump laudatory credit for not starting one war while in office, but Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan has put the world on notice that the United States is no longer a trustworthy ally when they have no problem leaving their own people, as well as billions in lethal weaponry, behind in a terrorist-run territory. Biden’s federal law enforcement agencies have been sicced on parents who got a look at what liberals were teaching children behind closed classroom doors and didn’t like what they saw.

Agendas were not allowed to be cast aside even though it resulted in rapes and the systematic dismantling of women’s sports.

Prior to casting their vote in November 2020 (or way before), they enjoyed a nation with low gas prices, employment that was rebounding after the initial pandemic shock, and political overreach by politicians and unelected health bureaucrats, a deficit that would be paying itself down via the proven regulation-decreased Trump economy. As a law-and-order president, actions would have been taken to address rogue prosecutors who’ve put the public in harm’s way.

But no, Donald Trump had to be stopped because of his mean Tweets. Heaven forbid as we now have a president (who unlike his predecessor gave the American people his thoughts multiple times per day) where weeks go by between formal, scripted press conferences and careless gaffes punctuated in-between.

After five-plus years of the Russia-collusion hoax that was an obvious sham to anyone with common sense (and a Hillary Clinton/DNC creation to any liberal who dares read), Democrats demanded Trump be removed immediately. His presidency was constant in a state of interruptus by a hostile media who insisted we all ignore the very positive results of his policies and elect a different president simply because they said so.

This is the same Democrat, legacy media that certified unverified rumors from countless “anonymous”, “unnamed” sources as long as the allegation was damaging to Trump. If the accusations were proven false, there would be no apologies, in fact, the New York Times and Washington Post still proudly display their Pulitzers for Russia, Russia, Russia. This is the same Democrat, legacy media in collusion with Big Tech that gleefully censored Hunter Biden’s laptop perversities and 17% of Biden voters said had they known about Hunter, they wouldn’t have voted for his father.


The whole world knew social media was censoring that story. It’s just a question of whether or not Democrats wanted to accept the ugly truth. They declined because of their self-righteous Trump hatred, based on fake news-turned investigations-turned impeachments. They wanted their pound of flesh and issue big middle fingers to all those who support him.

They got their way, the world is paying the price, and now they want some absolution via ignorance?

The problem is it’s not just a question of demanding conservatives play that forgiveness game because liberals demand it. Their free choice to vote for Joe Biden will be felt for a little less than three more years. If Biden gets tossed within that time, we get Kamala Harris. If she gets tossed, these same people will demand yet another loser Democrat assume the position.

It’s like Democrats who flee the crime and tumult of blue states to safer, cheaper red states. Once they get there, they’ll take the first opportunity to vote for the next destructive Democrat. These so-called remorseful Democrats say they want Biden out but would vote for a Democrat replacement in a heartbeat. They’d even jump at the chance to vote for a narcissistic socialist like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because they’d want to be part of a trending hashtag.

These are the same remorseful Democrats who still want a “green energy” policy to phase out gasoline-powered vehicles and promote wind power. They’ll hyperventilate once they have to choose between lights at night and powering their phones.

Sorry, Democrats.

The only reason why so many liberals have turned on Joe Biden is not because of the increasing damage being done to the nation and the world by their misguided votes. They’re having “buyer’s remorse” because the pain is personally affecting them and that’s what’s most important.

They’re not getting, and should NEVER get a pass because Biden voters don’t deserve it and, despite what they say today, would do it all again tomorrow.

Or 2024….

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