Kamala Harris Blames the Victim: Americans Got What They ‘Ordered’

For the last year-plus, the Biden administration has found every excuse for every crisis they created. Be it their COVID-19 response where more have died under their watch than under President Trump, the executive-ordered border invasion and energy crises, the Afghanistan pullout debacle, surging food prices thanks to inflation, and now all things Ukraine, Biden and his officials have blamed everyone from Trump to Vladimir Putin for all things inconvenient to the Democrat Party.

With a midterm destruction looming, the Democrat National Committee brought out big gun Vice President Kamala Harris to explain just who’s really to blame for all things gone wrong since Biden’s inauguration: the American people.

People don’t like being blamed for things they didn’t do, or in this case, want. At the same time, there are those who wanted certain agenda items implemented but were too arrogant and/or stupid to know how predictably bad their desires would turn out.

These are the people Kamala Harris publicly blame for everything Biden wanted that, anyone with a functioning brain knew, would go horribly wrong.

Is Vice President Harris openly admitting she knew the Biden agenda was going to be really bad but the administration implemented destructive policies just because they wished to respect the Will of the People? It wouldn’t be a first time for Democrats.

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