Star Trek Surprise: Stacey Abrams is ‘President of United Earth’

If Hollywood wants a secret kept, it’s for one of two reasons: there’s a lot of money to be made or they’re bracing for a possible epic backlash.

Star Trek is not what it was, and this latest season finale twist sure has people talking and for al the wrong reasons.

Former House of Representatives member, and current Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has made no secret of her passion for Star Trek. But it’s probably fair to say that her cameo on today’s Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 finale — as the President of United Earth, no less — was still a shocker.

Compare the sanctimonious narration and dialogue to the vicious messages sent on social media from the Hollywood elite towards those they believe beneath them.

“We wanted to lock it down at every stage of the game,” Discovery co-showrunner Michelle Paradise told Decider of the surprise cameo. “We didn’t want that to get ahead of the show, and we wanted that to be an organic moment, for the audience to experience that in the moment. Everyone on our whole team was on board… It’s not as hard to lock those things down when everyone is on the same page.”

In this week’s episode, titled “Coming Home”, written by Paradise and directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi, the President of United Earth visits the Discovery, and is revealed to be played by none other than Abrams. For Paradise, capping off this two-season arc with her appearance was the perfect way to end this journey.
Decider, 3/17/22

Most productions in Hollywood relish the opportunity to create a buzz. Hollywood is also very good at image rehab when it comes to celebrities who one day insult millions of Americans and the next are shown in positive, heroic, heartwarming roles or promoting everyday products.

Despite the predictable industry, left wing fawning over the casting decision, comments coming in from actual viewers are not that receptive.

The fact Paramount+ believed it was best to hide Stacey Abrams’ appearance (no small feat) reminds us again why millions have cut the cord and didn’t miss this episode either.

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