Donald Trump Has Every Right to Bitch About a ‘Stolen Election’

Let’s start by not letting the sanctimonious media off the hook because this is the same overpaid bunch that parroted a fake Russia collusion hoax and even won Pulitzer Prizes for vigorously repeating the Hillary Clinton dirty trick we all knew was false. The media has been wrong about numerous things of national importance so just because they, to this day, repeat all the reasons why they insist Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, doesn’t mean we should again sit down and shut up because they say so.

Also to this day, Trump is criticized for his demeanor while in office. Well, if you had to fend off a hostile media, opposition party and federal employee obstructionists pushing false accusations for years, you might have a burr up your ass, that is if you could have survived it.

In some sports if a previous play is in question, the game is halted, the officials gather, replays are watched and if there’s enough evidence to overturn a call, the outcome of the play can either stand or be reversed. However in today’s brand of politics, if the fans see a play as going one way at home or on the stadium big screen and the officials (and media) see it another, there is no replay review offered and the fans and candidate are told to shut up and deal with it.

Such is what happened after the 2020 presidential election. The electorate saw one candidate clearly outplaying the other during the long campaign season. During the championship game one team was clearly winning, we have a commercial time-out and when the game resumed all see the score has been changed, the team that was losing is now winning; a lead that would not be relinquished by the media’s preferred team.

Too many in the media and pundit class are still too eager to insist Donald Trump shut and get over his “loss” to Joe Biden, but it’s easy to talk. If they actually had the guts to be a candidate for any public office, they’d understand why it’s not easy to just up and walk away from a long, hard campaign you believe you couldn’t have and didn’t lose.

Being a candidate takes more than just getting on a ballot and running a campaign.

Prior to, there are many discussions had between immediate family members and friends because depending on the office sought, there are profound ramifications for all involved including intrusions of varying intensity into personal lives by the media and opposition elements.

After a campaign is set up, trusted people have to be brought on to give of their paid and/or volunteer time, and depending on the office, can take months if not years of their time and energy. Significant financial structures have to be created and maintained to meet media and government scrutiny. And most notably, if you’re not in the good graces of the media on all levels, your political and personal life will be made hell during and after the campaign despite the result.

Those who are quick to jump on Donald Trump are mostly those who, despite having mouths of varying sizes, were and are too chicken shit to take a strong position they are willing to defend, create a platform that can withstand appropriate inspection, and stick their own necks out and run for office themselves. Most probably know they have too many skeletons in their sanctimonious closets that are best left closed. Most are shallow enough that their positions can and will vary depending on who is issuing their present paycheck. And some have specious public speaking skills that would be open to mass mockery once displayed and recorded.

These people are like the sports blabbermouths who are quick to criticize and athlete or team despite never having the guts or talent to put on a uniform and compete against other very talented people. Donald Trump decided to do something he really didn’t have to do. He had a very successful and physically comfortable life. He was very popular amongst his political and media peers until he decided to temporarily give it all up and serve his country when it was clearly going in the wrong direction.

He was also met with pushback by the mediocres in government whose personal interests were greater than obeying the orders of their new boss, media-stoked unprecedented hate fueled by cowards on social media and in the streets, and of course the dirty tricks by an opponent that was amplified to derail his agenda. And when Trump ran for reelection against an inferior candidate and “lost”, he justifiably continues to remind us that the whole process stunk and he has every right to do so, especially when the Democrat media continues to laud the sore-loser whining of stolen elections spewed by Stacey Abrams and Hillary Clinton to this day.

Until you are a candidate, you can’t understand the pain of a loss that you know wasn’t.

Until you are a candidate, you are no one to tell a candidate to get over it.

Bob Parks was a California candidate for United States Congress in 2002 and Massachusetts candidate for State Representative in 2008.

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