Biden’s Admin of the Economic Inexperienced and/or Ignorant

Joe Biden and the liberal Democrats has one thing in mind on Election Day 2020 and on Inauguration Day 2021: reverse every successful policy put in place by President Trump just because they hated him. Regardless of a pre-pandemic economic foundation that was set to roll smoothly as Democrat roadblocks were slowly being dismantled, the left proceeded to initiate every initiative that a sixth grader would understand to be detrimental to the economy and public safety.

Couple that with placing academics and nonprofit activists who knew absolutely nothing about how an economy works in cabinet and policy positions, the results would be predictable enough to be a parody basis for a brutal Monty Python feature film.

That’s the headline of a report to be released Wednesday by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, compiled by Stephen Moore and Jon Decker. The pair studied the résumés of 68 top executive-branch officials whose work shapes the economy—from President Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to White House special assistants on economic policy.

“Average business experience of Biden appointees is only 2.4 years,” the authors found. Any fresh-faced 25-year-old on Wall Street has clocked more private business hours than most of Washington’s top officials. Sixty-two percent have “virtually no business experience.” By contrast, the average Donald Trump cabinet official had 13 years of experience in the private economy, the authors say.

Some familiarity with business is especially important given that President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have spent their lives in law or politics. But the authors found that Biden economic officialdom is dominated by careers in law (20), politics and government (21), and academia or policy-making (12). There are prominent exceptions. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo was a successful venture capitalist before entering government, and Interior Secretary Deb Haaland ran operations at a New Mexico tribal casino.

Yet it’s fair to wonder if the Biden policies and their results reflect a lack of even a basic understanding of how business works.

Innocence of profits, payrolls and competition seems to count as a virtue among today’s progressives. But that isn’t a virtue when modern government has so much power to regulate and punish private business. Presidents are free to appoint whoever they wish, but the results of business ignorance in this Administration are speaking for themselves.
Wall Street Journal, 7/12/22

Going forward, don’t expect the politically privileged and arrogant to reverse course on a policies inspired by partisan hate with no regard to how those policies would affect millions of Americans. Those within the administration and Democrat party are pretty much insulated from the financial hardships their “principles” have unleashed on the nation. It won’t be an emergency until it negatively affects them and most of these wonks and academics will be able to land softly back into colleges and DC think tanks should they become midterm casualties, so they still aren’t facing real world ramifications.

The Capitol Hill beltway culture is a parasitical culture that will continue to indifferent to the pain they cause until the infrastructure is dismantled and rebuilt based on logic and need instead of what’s best for an entrenched political party.

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