When Bad Things Happen to The FBI: Mar-a-Lago Raid Backlash

Despite our repeatedly being reminded they are our nation’s premiere law enforcement agency, reality is another thing, especially after the historic raid on Donald Trump’s home in Florida.

It appears FBI Director Christopher Wray responded with the launch of a sympathy tour in Omaha, Nebraska where he lamented the “threats” being sent to the agency after the raid on President Trump’s home.

Christopher Wray called threats circulating online against federal agents and the Justice Department “deplorable and dangerous.”

“I’m always concerned about threats to law enforcement,” Wray said. “Violence against law enforcement is not the answer, no matter who you’re upset with.”
North Country Public Radio, 8/11/22

Given their recent history, let’s not rule out the distinct possibility that this could be a false flag operation being used as a mechanism to engender sympathy for an agency more and more Americans justifiably mistrust.

We’re sure to hear the lamentations from the parrots on CNN and MSNBC about how dangerous Trump supporters are going to be given how the raid was conducted and the lack of forthcoming information the American people deserve to hear.

Then again, Trump supporters did protest near Mar-a-Lago. They took to the sidewalks and didn’t block traffic.

Don’t get me started on FBI lawyers who alter documents or agents who create entrapments. During the last few years, we’ve seen it all.

FBI agents have been directed to go out of their way to humiliate those they’ve been tasked to apprehend. Livelihoods have been destroyed, and once wrongdoing is uncovered, apologies and/or restitution never comes. So Director Wray is not going to get much love for his agency until it’s defunded, broken up and started all over again, if at all.

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