White Dem Women Call Out Racism While Always Exempting Themselves

It must be nice to feel so morally and intellectually superior that you can accuse so many people you don’t know of something while exempting yourself of the same thing from a position of self-imposed superiority. Let’s get this out of the way from the onset: this is AGAIN about sore-loser Hillary Clinton supporters’ continuing […]

Watkins: How to Screw Into a High-Profile Journalism Gig!

While feminists continue to demand they be given the same opportunities as men, it appears some of the very complaints some have today regarding what they had to do to get high-profile jobs, at least one shows paid off; big time! We’re thrilled to announce that Ali Watkins of Politico is joining the Washington Bureau […]

Millennial Bloggers Are ‘Shredding’, ‘Destroying’ Opinion Journalism

Like many of you, we get numerous email alerts from news websites from Politico to The Daily Wire and you can always tell the professionals from those that have employed young people with minimal journalism training. Their posts often include sensational headlines prefaced with “Breaking”, even though they didn’t actually “break” the story, and in […]

YouTube Flags B&R For HuffPo’s ‘Sexually Provocative Content’

Just shoot the messenger. This is the Huffington Post video in question. Remember, I didn’t produce it; the Huffington Post did…. But I do find the notification from YouTube hilarious. YouTube is not the place for nudity, pornography or other sexually provocative content. YouTube makes limited exceptions for appropriate educational, documentary, artistic and scientific contexts, […]

HuffPo/AOL Misreports Poll On ‘Deep South’ Republicans Against Interracial Marriage; Omits Dem Results

Flashback 3/12: Many ‘Deep South’ Republican Voters Believe Interracial Marriage Should Be Illegal It would appear neither the Huffington Post, AOL News, nor the firm Public Policy Polling thought it might be a good idea to ask questions of implied racism equally to all people in the “deep south” (79% Republican, 17% Independent, 4% Dem).