#Shutdown: We’re Now Supposed to Sympathize with Fed Employee Gluttons

If anything, the present drama illustrates the glaring difference between two Americas: one where we all live by the rules of capitalism and the other where those rules don’t apply and those within it feel entitled to what most of us can’t even imagine.

And guess which America the media and punditry sympathizes with?

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‘March’ Students Leave DC Looking Like Their Rooms: Trashed

Over the years of rallies and/or marches, conservatives almost always leaves the affected areas sometimes cleaner than when they first arrived. Conversely, so-called progressives tend to leave areas in which they congregate in a worse off state, requiring many man hours to make whole.

The “March for Our Lives” event in Washington, D.C. appears to have been no different.

If the rest of the city looks anything like the immediate staging area, the taxpayers will have to foot the bill for the many city employees who will have to clean up after the children.

Is #Pedogate DC Ramping Up Thanks to an Indifferent, National Media?

Unfortunately we’ve seen it many times before: a young, white female goes missing and we get national media news alerts that are covered from start to finish. But we now have a rash of missing, mostly black female teens going missing in our national capitol, there’s no national alerts, and we’re basically told not to panic because it’s all been blown out of proportion because of social media?

The response on Twitter from the DC Police, “Sorry to alarm you.”


A series of viral tweets is bringing attention to 10 young people of color who were reported missing in Washington, D.C., over the past 10 days.

On Sunday night, Twitter user @BlackMarvelGirl tweeted photos and information about eight black teenage girls who’ve gone missing in the Washington, D.C., area over the past week, receiving more than 35,000 retweets in less than 12 hours.

Additionally, The Root reported that in the past 10 days alone, 10 young people of color have been reported missing in D.C. but haven’t received much media attention other than local news outlet mentions and tweets from the Washington, D.C., police department.
Teen Vogue, 3/13/17

Let’s be real; if ten young women disappeared right across the river from DC in Georgetown or in any mostly white locale in a week, do you honestly believe it wouldn’t make “breaking” national news and federal agencies joined in on the hunt? While a few of these children were Tweeted as located by the DC police, these has been little media follow-up and/or fanfare to the level it would be if a missing teen female was located in suburbs. And do you really believe the link between the legend of rampant pedophilia with elites in DC wouldn’t have also been mentioned in the potential national media wall-to-wall coverage?

Or could it be because of those who are rumored to be involved?

It’s true that Pizzagate is a uniquely American franchise that operates primarily in Washington, D.C., but also includes operations in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and other major metropolitan areas.

The ongoing Hollywood Pedogate is joined at the hip with the D.C. Pizzagate. The very reason that many Hollywooders came out of the woodwork to support Hillary R. Clinton and bash Donald J. Trump is because of this close association of decade-long child abuse scandals in both D.C. and Tinseltown.

It’s important to understand that Pizzagate was revealed by the double whammy of the Podesta WikiLeaks and Anthony Weiner’s 650,000 emails. In other words, the time had come for this pedophilia in high places to be blown wide open.

What makes Pizzagate so very explosive is that all of the key players are deep in D.C. politics and Washington power-plays, US government influence peddling and federal power-brokering.
State of the Nation, 12/25/16

Call it a conspiracy theory or something to be seriously considered, there IS a rash of youth disappearances in the DC area. The media has NOT deemed ten missing in a week newsworthy. Those who may be participating could be high up in the world of politics and the federal government. Anyone who brings the topic up is quickly attacked and discredited.

Meanwhile, children are going missing and few appear to give a damn and that’s the biggest tragedy.

7/10 of an Inch of Doom

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They knew it was coming. They were too little, too late. They’re sorry.

It should be a fun next couple of days….

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The B&R Tuesday Skim

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The question was being asked why Mayor Blake was missing yesterday afternoon. Laura said it appears she got “red carpet-ready”. Priorities

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Obama White House Instructs Media RE: Baltimore Riots: ‘Avoid Black Vs Black Images’
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Flashback: What we know, don’t know about Freddie Gray’s death
Freddie Gray Arrest Record, Criminal History & Rap Sheet
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Baltimore city officials fault media
A qualified politician is quotable
Al Sharpton to visit city, plan march to Washington over Gray’s death
There are a lot of towns in-between and many will not welcome him or the element he draws
National Guard arrives in Baltimore after day and night of rioting following Freddie Gray funeral
Angry mom beats son suspected of rioting in Baltimore on live TV
The National Guard might not have been needed if there were more moms like this
LAPD, Other Police Departments on Alert as Baltimore Warns of Gang Pact
Monkeys see, monkeys do (That’s right, I said it!)
Pastors ask for calm, order as Officer Brelo trial continues
Cleveland could be next…
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Aggressive Effort Underway by Democratic Leaders to Recruit Elizabeth Warren
Don’t believe the narrative: there’s a reason Warren’s been holding back. She won in MASSACH– USETTS! The national scrutiny is nothing she looks forward to
Holder’s Legacy Of Politicization
He was never elected to uphold the Constitution. He was there to race-block for Obama
Why would two same-sex marriage proponents even host an event for Ted Cruz?
They were apparently reaching out. You don’t do that and not incur the wrath of the intolerant
Japan and U.S. Set New Rules for Military Cooperation
I wonder who gets screwed on this one?
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Extremist education
None shall pass: Texas prof flunks entire class, then quits mid-semester
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The Latest on Nepal Quake: Death Toll 4,438 in 3 Countries
15 Geniuses Who Think Global Warming Caused the Nepal Earthquake
And these people probably consider themselves educated
Georgetown University demands College Republicans edit video showing angry feminist protesters
I thought they were proud to be who they are; why not show it?
Alienating Russia: How Washington’s Middle East Policy May Suffer
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Florida House passes legislation banning fracking bans
Not so sure this is a good thing, environmentally and politically
Immigration: The only time the GOP cares about the working class
If illegals were coming to be Republicans, there would be no amnesty offered
FLOTUS goes bold with $367,000 Hawaii-inspired official Obama White House china accented in ‘Kailua Blue’
Our money wasted yet again
Batman Colorado cinema shooter James Holmes ‘thought Obama was speaking to him’
I guess he was insane…
Taliban rape suicide bomber before sending for attack
‘Good kid’: Lawyer pleads for Boston Marathon bomber’s life
Ya, sure
Supreme Court tells another court to reconsider Obamacare mandate for religious groups
Why Chief Justice John Roberts Might Support Gay Marriage
Because he knows he fucked over the country with ObamaCare

Army to review decision to have male cadets wear high heels
Progressives hate the military. This was their opportunity to humiliate

Public, private sector wage gap heavily favors many L.A. city workers
Los Angeles will be broke soon
After a public shaming, reclaiming my dignity
Professor Who Sent Porn To Students Is Really Mad They Forwarded Her Porn
Teachers, students, and sex go hand-in-hand in liberal academia
Foreign criminal can stay in Britain because he is an alcoholic
Sounds like something that would happen here
Bakers Facing $135K Fine Over Wedding Cake for Same-Sex Couple Speak Out
The backlash will be harsh and justified

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The B&R Thursday Skim

B&R is funded solely by contributions made by the readers who enjoy and use it. We are beholden to no political party, no advertisers, no outsiders, no sugar daddies, no corporate string-pullers. This means no annoying pop-ups, no email campaigns, no spam and no one controls us. We are self-funded and independent thus are on a week-to-week basis. Please value our time donate today!

‘Baby Obama’ wanted in Denver for shooting, robbery: police
The legacy continues
Islamic State purportedly sets new deadline for hostage swap
There was a time when terrorists weren’t negotiated with
Raul Castro demands return of the base at Guantanamo Bay before relations normalize
Obama offered a lifeline
Mark Levin inks 5-year radio deal, readies for 2016 election
First Stephen A. Smith, now Levin. What’s this bragging about contracts all about?
Hostage in Sydney cafe siege killed by police bullet, inquest hears
Sorry, who created this situation in the first place?
FDIC Changes Tactics in Response to Operation Choke Point
It’s sad that government can target those they don’t like but never cooperate when they’re scrutinized
Researchers find evolutionary reasons for homosexual behavior in beetles
So, gays are like beetles…
North Korea might be restarting nuke plant, US institute says
Who’s to stop them?
Boulder Group returns from Cuba amid repercussions of weakening embargo
A tropical-educational trip…
Russian bombers in the skies over Bournemouth: RAF jets scramble to intercept intruders
The Cold War has been reset
Mother of teen killed by alleged impaired driver pleads for his capture after he bails out, disappears
Someone clearly dropped the ball
Obama Funding the Anti-Bibi Campaign
Those who scream “obstruction” the most are now obstructing
Police stop teens seeking snow shoveling work
Jeff Sessions: Oppose Loretta Lynch’s Nomination As Attorney General Over Executive Amnesty
Had it not been for her color, she’d never have been nominated
Reston Zoo director guilty of drowning wallaby
We drove by that zoo. Guess we’ll be driving by for awhile
Yesterday was Hijab Day at NP3 High School, a public charter school in Sacramento, Calif
Forced conversion at the grade school level
The Costs and Benefits of Wind Energy: Competing Groups Hold Forums
If there’s nothing to hide…
Is Donald Trump serious about 2016?
Inquiring minds wanna know
Boehner: Admin ‘Doesn’t Even Try to Hide’ Antipathy Toward Netanyahu
The only Jews this administration tolerates are those in Hollywood who donate the big bucks
Jesse Ventura: ‘American Sniper’ as real as ‘Dirty Harry,’ blasts Chris Kyle as dishonorable, liar
Apparently, this has been a week of sour grapes
Slate: Divide and Conquer Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s divisive message for winning the White House
After years of attempts to recall Walker, the left now whines of divisiveness
‘Boys Will Be Boys,’ Says Mother Heartbroken That Son Was Expelled Over Threat With Knife
Doubt that would of been said had he used it
NFL Tough Guys Need Dads, Too
How many segments on players are done featuring only moms and grandmothers…?
Hillary Clinton may delay campaign
Waiting for the masses to beg her to run
Whitewashing savagery: Al-Jazeera English bans use of ‘terrorist’ for mass killers
The expected is not worthy of media outrage
Sly Stone Wins $5 Million Verdict in Lawsuit Against Former Manager and Attorney
The traditional industry screwing of black artists is not news
VETO AHEAD? US House will vote for the fourth time next week to repeal Obamacare, but for the first time a Republican-led Senate won’t ignore it
The people don’t want it and Obama does. That’s all that matters
Scott Walker proposes big cut to University of Wisconsin System
Notice how students scream about student loans but colleges are seldom held accountable for the raise in tuition (for the same product)
Obama Commits to Fight Obesity in India
Meddling worldwide
Thanks to KFC’s New Hot Dog Wrapped in Fried Chicken, Gluttony Has Never Been So Easy
Only available in the Philippines (Michelle-free zone)
Illinois’ New Republican Governor Just Declared War On Government Unions
Have at it
McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson steps aside, stock jump
He gave Michelle what she wanted the people to eat: consistent fail
Ebola outbreak: Virus mutating, scientists warn
And it was brought back here
LAPD statistics illustrate the ‘nature of homicide in Los Angeles’
And the product coming out of Hollywood reflects it
Austrian Minister: Immigrants Must Integrate or Face Fines
Good luck collecting
The Times’ low Blow
The Blow-jobs continue
Koch donors give Marco Rubio early nod
What do they know…
Romney slams Obama and Hillary in speech criticizing their approach to foreign policy and terrorism
Yes, you are getting a bum deal! Toilet paper rolls are SHRINKING as firms such as Charmin try and squeeze more profits from smaller sheets
Michelle’s diets: cause and effect
Albany’s Corruption Cauldron
The fish rots from the head and that rest is a fatbody
Squatters Slow Detroit’s Plan to Bulldoze Way to Prosperity
Who’s enforcing the law?

Guess The Party Affiliation!

Maybe the media should dig up a few of the chicks this guy may have spent some of this cash on.

DC Councilman Harry Thomas, Jr., Resigns, Due In Court For Embezzlement And Tax Fraud Friday
WASHINGTON (WUSA) — Former D.C. Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. is due in federal court later this morning. He’s expected to plead guilty to stealing more than $350,000 in government funds and filing false tax returns for three years. Thomas is accused of using the money for his own personal gain, such as lavish vacations, fancy cars and a motorcycle.

Again, if Thomas was a Republican, we’d know it.

Bonehead Of The Day

Either this man is senile, out-of-touch, simply clueless, or part of a liberal cabal bent on destroying the private sector in lieu of a dues-paying, Democrat-donating voting bloc.

It’s very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine; it’s the public-sector jobs where we’ve lost huge numbers, and that’s what this legislation is all about.
Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader (D-Nev.)

Meanwhile, I now live in the most well-to-do area in the nation because government workers make almost twice on average than a private sector employee. Remember Reid’s contempt when some government employee in a luxury car cuts and flips you off.