Capitol Hill Parking Tips by D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton

Parking on Capitol Hill, when you don’t have the appropriate stickers on your car, can be challenging. But if you’re a sitting member of the House of Representatives, your options increase when you don’t have to observe laws or any sense of courtesy.

Rep. Thomas Massie posted a 2015 video of Washington, D.C., Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton parking poorly near the Capitol in an escalating Twitter feud between the two lawmakers. The Kentucky Republican recently wrote on Twitter that his office “will not comply” with Washington, D.C.’s vaccine mandate to enter some public spaces, such as restaurants and entertainment venues. Norton, who represents the district as a delegate in the House, as the city is not a state, responded she would provide sandwiches for Massie’s staff who are vaccinated but “afraid they’ll get fired if they order in.”

“If that description fits you and you’re hungry, [direct message] me and my staff will be in touch,” she wrote. “DC has your back.”

Massie taunted Norton in response, tweeting the resurrected video and asking her not to drive to get the sandwiches.
The Gazette, 1/18/22

Good call….

Speaking exclusively to FOX 5’s Tom Fitzgerald on Thursday, Norton said she was late for a TV interview, in an area where she doesn’t normally park, and wasn’t expecting construction or the six-point turn she would need to execute in order to park. Norton’s staffers say the car next to her reported no damage. Capitol Police say no report was ever made.
Fox 5, 3/26/15

Must be nice.

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