Kos Comment on Black Conservatives: Harriet Tubman “Would Have Had To Shoot Them”

In a Daily Kos piece entitled “Afroturfed” by kid funkadelic,

They’re calling it Diversetea but it’s the same old shit we have been swallowing here for almost 500 years. The Right has started a campaign to go into the Black community for outreach. They want to show Tea Baggers that America treated blacks and other minorities really good. Now it’s time for minorities to shut up and Conservatives (racist white folks) to take the country back and rule again.

Nothing new here. However, one of the comments is not very tolerant and would be raising all kinds of hell if things were the other way around.

I’ve always said that blacks are the only people in America not allowed a diversity of political opinion. I think again I’ve proved my point.

h/t Deborah M

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