Google’s Pixel 6: The Most Condescendingly Racist Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl ads used to be highly-anticipated events. Now, like most advertisements in the #woke age, commercials are sanctimonious, preachy shorts; as if those working in corporations and ad agencies are more intelligent and moral than the public at-large.

Probably the most insulting woke ad of the year thus far aired during Super Bowl LVI by Google….

NO ONE photographs well in low or back light. To come right out and say cameras were racist until you spend as much as $700 to buy a Google Pixel 6 phone and use it to photograph black people with good lighting (daylight?) is as insulting and racist as it gets. The fine people at Google must have assumed blacks are too stupid to place the subject in a well-lit environment and/or how and when to use the flash.

Then again, liberals have always been the most condescendingly racist people in America, have never taken selective racism seriously, so this is really of no surprise.

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