Campus Libs: Women Can Fight In Combat, Time To Abolish Draft

feminists-angry-at-bloggerLiberals are so predictable. They demanded equality, lectured us on the similarities of men and women, but should young women face the same reality young men (registering with the Selective Service System) upon turning 18, I can hear hysterical young feminists desperately fall back on “But we’re girls!” and their traditional (and politically incorrect) role of women in society.

Elections have consequences and now that the Obama Administration has given the Pentagon to work towards allowing women to fight in combat billets, the unintended consequences are causing introspection on campus.

But while this news has been rightly exalted as further evidence of the slow, steady push toward equality for women in American society, we must now consider that women may now be compelled against their will – as well as with it – to serve and fight in the armed forces should the draft be instituted again in response to some future military conflict.

Thousands of young men are “compelled against their will” every month and go to the Post Office and register with Selective Service. It’s the law. Feminists got in our faces and demanded we treat them like men. You got what you wanted. Stop complaining and take it like a man.

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