ObamaCare: DEFUND, Not Repeal

We just had lunch with a Tea Party group and a candidate for US Senate dropped by. While there, he gave a shortened stump speech which included “repeal ObamaCare”.

After lunch, Laura and I caught him in the parking lot and asked him (as a matter of proper messaging) if he could get out front and not continue to say “repeal” but “defund” because, if you really want to be accurate, Mitt Romney was the only person who could have repealed it.

Republicans are now going around the country talking about “repeal” but let’s be real: if a Republican House and Senate sent a bill repealing the ACA to Barack Obama, we all know he’d veto it and blame everyone in the room for days.

As I told the candidate, we Republicans should run on, win, and then send a bill to Obama with no money going to ObamaCare. We wonder if the president would be so eager to shut down the government over a piece of legislation that helped put his opposition into the majority? Public opinion may not be on his side, especially when all the little post-midterm ObamaCare goodies kick in.

Also, if the GOP runs on “repealing” ObamaCare and can’t do it (while knowing they couldn’t before the election), aren’t we making a promise we can’t keep and doesn’t that make us no better than Democrats?

Either way, we’re not falling for the “repeal” ObamaCare trap recited by the unthinking.

“Defund” is the ONLY way to go.

UPDATE: That Senate candidate was Ed Gillespie. Not to just single him out, Mark Levin repeated the incorrect “repeal” line last night (11/10/14) as well.

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