Where’s Mariska and the NoMore PSAs?

No one’s making light of the domestic violence issue, but we found it disingenuous that Hollywood celebrities would target the National Football League and their proportionately small amount of infractions while seemingly ignoring the criminal behavior in their own ranks.

Sanctimonious, thin-skinned liberals seeking to influence public opinion based on their “star power” alone seldom expect pushback.

Last year, we pushed back….

Imagine what NoMore mouthpiece Mariska Hargitay would screech had the NFL maintained a “casting couch” or had a thing for children.

Hollywood celebrities have are paid outrageous amounts of money for a movie or television series, sometimes equal to a multi-year NFL contract, and despite their numerous run-ins with the law on domestic battery incidents, almost ALL are still working. Yet, in 2014 Mariska decided to target the National Football League (featuring mostly black players) while ignoring the illegalities of mostly white actors. Just sayin’.

So far in 2015, relative silence during NFL broadcasts. As we all know, when liberals are forced to respond to their hypocrisy, they go dark in an effort to make it all go away.

We’ll wait for the NoMore.org PSAs the next time a Hollywood type beats a wife or girlfriend because we know they’ll be consistent, right?

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