Erick Erickson on Phantom Republican’s Tirade in the Dairy Aisle

Let’s be fair. We’ve heard a lot of “anonymous sources” from well-placed “officials” who’ve said many things about President Trump and others in his administration that can never be challenged because the so-called professional media has chosen to violate the very basics of journalism and repeat the words of someone who cowardly won’t go on the record.

Enter the latest distributor, blogger Erick Erickson.

I haven’t been in a Safeway since my family moved home from Dubai in 1990.

While that may be true, it’s clear he doesn’t avoid other supermarkets. Timing is everything.

The congressman did not want to be seen with me on Capitol Hill. He needed to get some stuff anyway and decided he’d let me walk with him through the cereal and dairy selections at the Safeway near my hotel. He is not happy with President Trump. He was never a die hard Trump supporter. He supported him in the general and never expected him to win. But he did. So the congressman, whose district Trump won, has been a regular supporter on Fox News and elsewhere defending the President. He is happy to be quoted, so long as I don’t name him. He says he just needs to vent. I suggest what we’re doing is one of the reason’s Trump won — a congressman says nice things in public and bad things in private.

Everybody does this shit,” he says. It’s his turn. We have known each other for years and have been promising to connect this week while I’m passing through DC. So this is it. I’m passing along his comments, not endorsing them.
 Erick Erickson, 4/11/18

IF that person actually exists.

#NeverTrump blogger Erick Erickson has found it within himself to relay the words of an anonymous Republican in a conversation he claims to have had at a Safeway supermarket somewhere in the Washington, D.C. perimeter. We admire his memory skills in being able to document the rant of this congressman word-for-word. Obviously, it would’ve had to be by memory because it’s hard to believe an irate congressman would allow himself to be documented via a smartphone or other recording device while demanding to remain anonymous… again, IF the dairy aisle meeting really occurred.

I read you writing about this, about wanting to say nice things when you can and criticize when you need to. He may be an idiot, but he’s still the President and leader of my party and he is capable of doing some things right.

But dammit he’s taking us all down with him. We are well and truly f**ked in November. Kevin [McCarthy] is already circling like a green fly circling sh*t trying to take Paul’s [Ryan] job because nobody thinks he’s sticking around for Nancy [Pelosi]. She’s going to f**k up the cafeteria again too. [Lord’s name in vain], at least I’ll probably lose too and won’t have to put up with that sh*t.

It’s like Forrest Gump won the presidency, but an evil, really f*cking stupid Forrest Gump. He can’t help himself. He’s just a f**king idiot who thinks he’s winning when people are b*tching about him. He really does see the world as ratings and attention. I hate Forrest Gump. I listen to your podcast and heard you hate it too. What an overrated piece of sh*t movie. Can you believe it beat the Shawshank Redemption?

To make this encounter appear authentic, Erickson interjected some of his on-call wisdom.

Aside from his misspelling “Spielberg”, Erick’s gray matter stenograph was flipped back on.

Judiciary is stacked with a bunch of people who can win re-election so long as they don’t piss off Trump voters in the primary. But if we get to summer and most of the primaries are over, they just might pull the trigger if the President fires Mueller. The sh*t will hit the fan if that happens and I’d vote to impeach him myself. Most of us would, I think. Hell, all the Democrats would and you only need a majority in the House. If we’re going to lose because of him, we might as well impeach the motherf**ker. Take him out with us and let Mike [Pence] take over. At least then we could sleep well at night. You know having Mike as President would really piss off all the right people, too. They think they hate Trump. Mike is competent.

I say a lot of shit on TV defending him, even over this. But honestly, I wish the motherf*cker would just go away. We’re going to lose the House, lose the Senate, and lose a bunch of states because of him. All his supporters will blame us for what we have or have not done, but he hasn’t led. He wakes up in the morning, sh*ts all over Twitter, sh*ts all over us, sh*ts all over his staff, then hits golf balls. F*ck him. Of course, I can’t say that in public or I’d get run out of town.
 Erick Erickson “quoting” unnamed Republican Congressman

If Erick Erickson was any kind of blogger/writer of integrity, he would have never agreed to keep such comments off the record.

If Erick Erickson was any kind of Republican, he would never have allowed such a tirade to continue without proper rebuttal, but seeing how Erickson is a #NeverTrumper, IF that conversation occurred, he was probably nodding in agreement while trying to pay attention as he was surrounded by hundreds of readily-edibles.

Our guess is that this is #FakeNews by another so-called conservative irrelevant begging for attention, and in the liberal Democrat tradition, by any means necessary.

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