Amongst the Flabby Chins and Arms, the #WHCD is Not Very Diverse

The sanctimony was thick during Saturday night’s White House Correspondents Dinner. The media elite portrayed themselves as victims of President Trump, especially when he had the nerve to declare them the “enemy of the state”; even though he’s yet to have any of them intimidated and/or surveilled.

But one of the media’s near-constant mantras is that President Trump is a racist, his supporters are racists, and he’s made America racist again. One would think these holier-than-thou journalists would lead by example but the news media continues to be the most lily-white of employers in the United States. Sure, you’ll find a smattering of minorities in positions where they can be visually exploited, but blacks (in particular) are relegated to security guard positions at media entrances, in green rooms as makeup artists where they can make their white pundits feel visually better about themselves, or those who drive the limos and transport the important to-and-from the studios.

The White House Correspondents Dinner was a gathering of the overpaid (thus-overfed), self-absorbed narcissists who call everyone else racist while exempting themselves, but visuals don’t lie. CSPAN devoted over 25 minutes after the festivities came to a close to show those, who clearly see themselves are important, hobnobbing with each other as if this was something the American people desired to view.

Here’s a taste of what the journalism elite believed it was an honor for us to behold.

While President Trump was at a campaign event that evening, open for all who could get in the door, the White House Correspondents Dinner was an elitist sideshow for the special. There were a dozen or so minorities visible, but there were probably a lot more bringing out the fancy entrees and wine for the white privileged obese.

Probably most disappointing for the “journalists” was the nixing of the annual “Playboy Party” afterparty.


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