‘5k Fun Run’: @AOC Mastering the Art of Screwing Her ‘Followers’

From now on, when it comes to anything Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it would be wise to read the fine print.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez held a 5k in Queens Saturday that she billed as “a Family Fun Run supporting U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal on the Saturday following Earth Day.”

But many of the 400 runners didn’t realize their $30 registration fees were going directly into the lawmaker’s campaign coffers.
New York Post, 4/27/19

This can no longer be excused as political naïveté. This is intentional, devoid of conscience and wrong.

Even kids as young as 3 became unknowing political donors — ponying up $20 fees to join a kids’ 1k.

Some participants felt fooled.

“The site says it’s to benefit her environmental plan,” said one supporter who would not give his name. “If it is going to go directly to her campaign they should have said so.”

And thanks to the narcissistic arrogance of the youthful left, knowledge of their being screwed is justified.

Another did not mind.

“Even if that’s so,” said a female runner of her money going directly to a campaign, “it’s because it’s her plan and she is the one we need to push it.”

The “Green New Deal” is all about screwing the climate change dupes. Democrats have screwed their constituents as long as there have been Democrats. Ocasio-Cortez has learned well.

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